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Thank you for subscribing. Below are some excerpts from “Designing a Regret-Free Life”.

I have made writing to some of these prompts a part of my birthday ritual. I recommend you take some alone-time pondering these questions.
If you could receive one non-monetary gift, what would it be?
If you could give one non-monetary gift, what what it be?

Imagine you knew at twenty all you know now. What would you do differently?

What advise would you give the twenty year old YOU?

Are there things you regret doing?

Not having done yet?
Choices you wish you had made differently?
People you wish you had stayed in closer contact with?

Questions you wish you’d asked someone?
People you wish you had made it your point to know?

Things you’d have spent time learning about?
Places you wish you’d visited?
Whose ruler were you measuring your success by?
Your own? Your parents? Teachers? Society?

These questions may not seem relevant but as you write, you will see the value in looking back in order to see clearly in front of you.

You know that question you hear all the time, “if you learned you only had six months to live, how would you spend your time?”. I don’t think any of us can really live as if we knew these were our last days because we all put things off until tomorrow knowing we probably do have time but if you frame that scenario a little differently, it can be a powerful tool to help you prioritize.

I like to ask myself, “ If the only legacy you leave has to be completed in the next year, what’s most important to you? “

Pretend, if you can, that you learned you will die suddenly a year from today but your mental and physical health will NOT decline during this time. For the next year, you will remain as capable as you are today. Knowing you have a finite timeline, what do you want to make absolutely sure you don’t leave undone?

This may seem morbid to you now but it’s important to put yourself in the mind-set of end-of-life in order to become absolutely clear about what you don’t want to leave undone. So, now let’s say your year has passed and you have the knowledge that today is your last day on earth. You no longer have a tomorrow. Anything you haven’t accomplished up to this moment won’t happen in your lifetime. What are the things you’re feeling most sad about not having done?

Now, pretend you learn there was a mistake and it was not your destiny to die yet. Suddenly you’ve received the gift of a full lifetime, another 30-or 50 years of life to accomplish the things that matter most to you. If you wake up tomorrow morning with that knowledge, what will your day look like? What will you do with your day now that you’ve experienced the feeling of limited time here?
Put yourself in the mindset of one year from today. Write about the year as if it already happened. What did you do with the year? How was the year influenced by having gone through it believing it was your last year?
Visualize yourself ten years from now. Write the section of your autobiography from right now forward ten years as if you have done much of what’s on your list of things you don’t want to leave undone. Speak to how it feels to have done those things and how it’s added meaning to your life.
These are only excerpts from the coursework. I hope you find them helpful in identifying your life priorities, those things you don’t want to leave undone.

I don’t have plans to facilitate the workshop in-person again this year but will be offering it as a 4-week online course. If you’d like to be notified when registration opens, shoot me an email at terri at inspired livelihood dot com

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