sell your handmade craft

How to get free gallery space in a prime location.

I just thought of one more great place to sell your handmade work. I bet you didn’t think of this one. I just did.

Every day for the past couple of weeks, I’ve walked Lucy by a gallery with stunning wood sculptures out front. Every tourist who’s staying at the beach front hotels has to pass this corner.  But the gallery is never open.

Today I noticed the sculptor in a garage studio behind the gallery. While I would love to speak with him and see inside the gallery, I didn’t want to disturb his concentration. I could tell he was really focused on his work.

And then I had a thought.


I must digress a moment. I’m helping Alexandra,  the daughter of my recently deceased friend, start her jewelry business. I have a lot of money invested in materials and want Alexandra to be payed well for her work, plus, I’d like to have enough profit to donate to some causes that meant a lot to my friend. So I’m not wild about selling Alexandra’s pieces wholesale or consigning to a gallery.

I thought about this sculptor and how he, like many artists, obviously loves the creative process and probably is never open because he wants to spend his time in the studio, not selling. Lightbulb moment! What if I approached him with the offer to open his gallery on weekends in the summer and sell his work in exchange for displaying Alexandra’s jewelry? Wouldn’t that be a win for all of us?

Can you think of a gallery or shop that is owned by an artist who might prefer to spend her time in the studio? Why not approach her and offer to gallery-sit in exchange for a place to display and sell your own work? Or, are you that artist? What if you could find someone who has artwork they want to sell and would work in your gallery in exchange for being able to sell and display her own work?

If you’ve had any experience with this idea, please do share in the comments below. If you haven’t ever thought of this, you’re welcome to congratulate me on my brilliant idea.