6 ways to get out of overwhelm and finally get that big project completed.

I’ve heard that when someone asked Ernest Hemingway how to begin to write a novel, his response was “First you defrost the refrigerator.”

Do you have a project you’ve been putting off forever? Are you feeling like you’ll never complete it because it feels too big and overwhelming? Maybe you’ve begun and then put it on hold to do something else and never gotten back to it. Or you haven’t even started it.

My friend and client Keri told me about a brilliant idea for a business. She was working a full time job and couldn’t quit until she had her business rolling but the thought of all she had to do to get to that point felt overwhelming. She imagined taking an unpaid sabbatical to work on her business but kept finding reasons she couldn’t take time off.  The whole project just seemed too big to tackle so she felt paralyzed. An entire year went by and she did nothing.

Here’s how we solved her dilemma and got her business going. We made a list of all the things that would have to happen before she could launch her business. I helped her put the tasks in order and then asked her to commit just 2 hours a week to this list. Some weeks she worked the 2 hours straight on a Saturday. Other times, she found it easier to take fifteen or twenty minutes in the morning and do one thing on the list. Some days, it was simply a phone call or sending one email. Imagine if she’d done that a year prior? Instead of feeling discouraged and overwhelmed, she’d have put in over a hundred hours in tiny increments and have her business up and rolling.

If you’re like many of us, you have an idea for something that could make a big difference in your life or career but you just can’t seem to ever get to it.

In my private consulting, group coaching and also in the Mastermind Groups that I facilitate with Barbara Winter , I see this often.

Here are several ways you can get out of overwhelm and get that project launched once and for all:

  • Break your BIG idea down into small, manageable parts. (Think about Keri’s  15-20 minutes a day. That’s 104 hours a year. Or if your project involves completing 90 tasks, do one small thing a day and you’ll have it nailed in three months.
  • Make appointments with yourself to complete incremental tasks more frequently. Rather than wait until you can take a couple of weeks off to work on your project, schedule each small step on your calendar.
  • Reward yourself for completing each piece. My favorite activity is walking my dog in nature so I promise myself that once I complete a particular chunk of work, often a tiny piece, I get to take a walk on the beach, by the lake or in the woods.
  • Pay yourself. Seriously. You know that gorgeous lamp you covet for your home office but you don’t feel right spending the money until you have your business going? Try this: every time you mark off one item on your to-do list, put a dollar in your “purple lamp fund jar” and in six months, you’ll have your business launched AND $180. for the lamp.
  • Track your progress.  Try what my friend Laura did last winter when she was feeling particularly unproductive. One evening she sat down and made a list of every small thing she had done all day. Then she titled it “to-do today” and checked each item off. Particularly if you’ve been telling yourself you’re a procrastinator, listing even the tiniest tasks can give you a sense of accomplishment which will keep your momentum going.

If you are ready to tackle that BIG project now but need help lining up the priorities and implementing the above steps,

GO HERE to find out more about how I can help you develop a personal ACTION PLAN to get out of overwhelm and finally get it done. 



3 Reasons for Entrepreneurs to Celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day  is a time to recognize the social and economic achievements of American workers. It’s meant as a national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.. I appreciate the workers around the world every time I prepare a meal with the produce that someone worked in extreme heat to get to my table, every time I drive on a freshly paved freeway, knowing someone’s manual labor with stinky, toxic material made it possible. I appreciate the people who work in shops and offices and factories at every business I have any dealings with and I am eternally grateful for the healthcare workers who have improved and saved lives and those who have so gently and kindly been there to guide those at the end of life. I also appreciate all their bosses because I’ve been one and I know that training, hiring and maintaining valuable employees is a lot of work. I’ve been fortunate that my employees liked me and many are still my dear friends.


I celebrate Labor Day because I value workers everywhere

and I know that I am so happy to be neither an employee OR a boss.

As an entrepreneur, YOU should be celebrating Labor Day too. Here’s why:

  • -You have a great boss. Your boss understands when you’ve worked really hard on a project or hustled to meet a deadline and rewards you with a spa day. She knows that sometimes you just need to take a midday hike or that you’re not a morning person so she lets you make your own hours. Your boss is so understanding that you never have to miss a field trip with your child and she’s flexible enough to let you take your work with you on your laptop if you want to take time off to travel.
  • -Your work is a labor of love. Maybe you can’t even relate to the word labor anymore. Sometimes you can’t believe you’re really getting paid for having so much fun.) If your work isn’t fun, we need to talk.
  • -You don’t have to concern yourself with payroll taxes and worker’s compensation insurance because you can use virtual assistants and independent contractors and you know they get to choose their own hours and you know their boss treats them well.

-One more great reason you should pay attention to Labor Day: Sept. 1st, is the last day  to join Grow Tribe with Barbara Winter and me. We’ll be gathering by the sea in Ventura Ca to help you grow your business and create an ongoing mastermind of entrepreneurs who mean business about growing their business.

Want to know more about finding your tribe, why you need a tribe or the benefits of a mastermind? Listen in as Barbara and I discuss “8 Ways to Find Your Tribe” HERE 
and read “Where do you find your entrepreneurial tribe to help you grow your business?” HERE 
and “What do Bill Gates, Plato, Harvey Firestone, Andrew Carnegie, Ben and Jerry, Aristotle, Thomas Edison and Socrates all have in common?” HERE

Why I prefer small workshops over larger seminars

Last fall I attended a seminar in the southern US. Since the attendees would be mostly visual and performing artists, writers and entrepreneurs, I was confident I’d be warmly welcomed and fit right in.


I walked into the large meeting room and right up to the first empty seat. I asked a woman at the table if the seat was taken and she said, “I’m sorry. We’re saving it for a member of our word-tribe.” When I was told at the next table that they were saving the two empty seats for members of their writing group, I started to feel like that poor kid who sits alone in the school cafeteria. I wondered if I had a booger hanging out of my nose or something. I got pretty much the same answer at a third table, however one woman said, “we’ll just pull up another chair so you can join us.”


These women were friendly and didn’t exclude me but as the afternoon passed, I felt a kind of isolation that I remembered from another large seminar I’d attended. I realized that many of the attendees had formed bonds at previous, smaller workshops. They knew about one another’s businesses and details of their personal lives.


I enjoyed the program content and meeting new people but I remembered why I prefer small workshops over larger seminars. Even at these mega events, it’s possible to put yourself out there and make connections but it’s more difficult. At the more intimate events, even an introvert becomes part of a tribe and you stay in touch afterwards with phone calls and emails. There’s a sense of ongoing support that entrepreneurs, writers and artists need to overcome obstacles and keep up the momentum in a solitary work life.


When I had brick and mortar businesses, I found that tribe in neighboring business owners. We’d share tips and resources,  run challenges by each other and celebrate successes. It’s difficult to start or grow a business alone when your friends and family don’t really understand what you’re doing.  Since I’ve been running my business online the past several years, I’ve found that tribe with other entrepreneurs I’ve met at small, in person workshops. How do YOU find those friends who understand your goals and support your dreams?

If you want a chance to work face-to-face with Barbara Winter and me, to focus on your business and grow your dreams, join us for GROW TRIBE in a historic hotel overlooking the Pacific . We want to help you create something we can brag about.
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You CAN grow a business alone but it sure is tougher without supportive friends.

Yesterday I read a headline, “Starting a business? You can’t go it alone.” I thought, “yes, you can but it sure is tougher.” When I started my first business in the 70s, I had no entrepreneurial friends but I was lucky because my dad had created a business from an idea and didn’t try to dissuade me. True, my dream looked very different from my father’s but at least I had someone to bounce concepts off of and who believed I could do it.


In my next business, home furnishings, I had a partner, a great controller and a team of professionals so there was always someone ready to talk shop.


I went solo in the body work business. My fellow therapists were approaching it from an employee mindset or asking me for advice on how to build a practice. It wasn’t until I met another massage therapist who had her own business with subcontractors that I finally had a friend who understood what I was doing.


In my late 40s, I moved to a new town where I knew no one but my husband and nine weeks later, I opened a brick and mortar business. My husband didn’t understand what I was doing at all. My dad visited shortly after opening and while he didn’t discourage me, he said, “I sure hope you didn’t invest a lot of money (I didn’t) and that you know what you’re doing (I did)  because I can’t figure out how it’s going to work. (It did.) I felt isolated and unsupported until I began connecting with neighboring small business owners and found my tribe of artists, retailers and other entrepreneurs.


Do your friends, family and colleagues look at you like you’re crazy when you talk about your dreams of being self-employed? Do they suggest you just get a different job? It’s not impossible to go it alone but it sure is easier with the support of people who “get you”.


The last couple of years,  I’ve had the great honor of witnessing just how powerful that support can be.  In January 2012 , Barbara Winter, bestselling  author of “Making a Living without a Job” and I invited six aspiring and fledgling entrepreneurs to join us in an intimate setting to address the roadblocks that were holding them back from finally launching or growing their dream businesses. We spent the weekend listening to each person’s ideas and together we all came up with work-arounds to the challenges and plans to make those dreams happen.


Since then, we’ve guided several groups through monthly connection and accountability calls. In the time between those calls, lots of emails fly back and forth amongst the group asking for and receiving advice and feedback, helping one another get un-stuck, overcome obstacles, share resources and of course, and celebrate triumphs.


Barbara and I are so inspired by the forward momentum and victories enjoyed by the attendees of our past Masterminds that we have opened registration for Grow Tribe  in a historic hotel overlooking the Pacific.  You’ll have access to both of us and a group of new friends who understand and support your dreams. It’s your last chance this year to spend facet face time with us both and focus on your business growth.



Is it really worth paying to join a mastermind or should you form a free one?

Should you form a free mastermind or join one you pay to be part of? Should there be a facilitator at the helm of the mastermind or can you just get together with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and be self-guided?


I have facilitated and been a participant in several masterminds and each was a little different. The first mastermind I participated in was an international group of 8 female entrepreneurs at different stages of growth. We met when we all attended a huge, pricey seminar led by a well-known internet guru. The facilitator (actually more of a speaker), offered a follow-up year of masterminding. The $20,000 annual mastermind membership fee did not include the cost of travel and accommodations for the in-person meetings held 3 times a year in a group of about 20 other entrepreneurs. Nor did the price include any one-to-one coaching which she charges $30,000 a day for.  So, one night over dinner,  the eight of us decided to form our own mastermind. We were all somewhat established in our businesses and were mainly there to learn the online marketing piece. We decided to meet in person quarterly and speak weekly to support one-another in growing our businesses online. We were all savvy business women but we had very different agendas and without leadership, our mastermind eventually  fizzled.


I participated in another mastermind with 3 other female entrepreneurs and concluded that a self-guided mastermind rarely works.


I also formed my own masterminds with students who attended my workshops. They paid a (reasonable, not excessive) monthly fee to be part of the mastermind. What they were paying for was guidance and leadership. I also formed an unpaid mastermind to support a group of fledgling entrepreneurs after a workshop.


Here’s what I found: Even with my leadership, the group in the “free” mastermind did not grow their business as quickly or efficiently as those who paid an ongoing fee to be part of the group. They were supportive of and somewhat accountable to one another but most did not make their business a priority. The paid group, however, reported progress with each meeting and their businesses grew. My conclusions:


  • Groups with a facilitator at the helm are more successful at staying on track and developing their businesses.


  • If you see a charge on your credit card statement each month, you are more likely to follow through because you don’t want to feel like you wasted the money. We just tend to take things more seriously when they involve an investment.


So, how do you find the right mastermind group for your business and your style? GO HERE to read, “How do I find my entrepreneurial tribe to help me grow my business?”  Or HERE  to see what Barbara Winter and I have cooking for Sept. in southern California.

Where do you find your entrepreneurial tribe to help you grow your business?

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business awhile, you probably realize you can’t go it alone. As author Barbara Sher says, “Isolation is the great dream killer.”  Even if your ideal business vision is spending your days alone in your home office, your likelihood for success is greatly increased if you have a tribe of other entrepreneurs to bounce ideas around with, help you problem solve, share resources and celebrate triumphs. But how do you find those people?


If you attend networking meetings or join a philanthropic business leader club, you’ve probably noticed that there’s not a lot of exposing vulnerability. The goal of those meetings is often to promote your business so the friends you make in that type of setting aren’t likely the friends you share challenges with. So who can you go to when you feel discouraged, scared or just don’t know how to do something? Do you have a group of supportive entrepreneurial friends who can share resources and boost you up when you feel like giving up? Or who can honestly tell you when it’s time you adjusted your game plan a bit?


The best way I know to stay motivated and continue to move your business forward is to join a mastermind group but where do you find the right group for you and your business?


A great way to find your tribe, those whose values you share and will benefit from masterminding with is to connect with people who attend workshops facilitated by  the same mentors you follow.  For example, if you enjoy small, interactive workshops, it’s not in your best interest to mastermind with people who like to attend glitzy speaker seminars with thousands of attendees. I learned this when I went to one of those seminars to learn about internet marketing and formed a mastermind with friends I met there. They were lovely, smart women who I like and respect but have very different goals from mine. They wanted to be like that speaker. I have no interest in glamour and spotlight. I’d have done better masterminding with entrepreneurs who admired the same mentors as I did.

Several years ago, I was searching around online for someone whose philosophies,  values and ideas about entrepreneurship were similar to my own. I don’t think I was looking for a mentor as much as a tribe. On a fluke, (there are no coincidences, right?) I found Barbara Winter. She was going to be speaking in Lexington, Ky the next day and I happened to be flying out of a Northern Ky airport the following night. It is through Barbara’s network that I met many of my current “tribe” of entrepreneurial friends who believe small is still smart and value connection over fame.

Consider whose blogs you enjoy reading, in whose company you would like to spend a weekend. Then look at who else communicates with those mentors. Find out if those mentors offer a mastermind group and if not, see what type of events they facilitate. You’re more likely to  get to know other entrepreneurs at small group events than at a large seminar where the speaker stands at the front of the room. Most likely the people you meet at your mentors’ events will be like-minded people who you’ll benefit from masterminding with.


Because Barbara and I recognize how much entrepreneurs need that in-person connection and  ongoing support, we’re inviting you to gather with a handful of entrepreneurs  in an informal space to work on the obstacles that are holding you back from making your dream business profitable. If you register before Sept. 1st  you’ll save $100 . HERE’S THE SCOOP

We want to help you create something we can brag about.

You have an idea or many ideas for a service or product. Maybe you’ve even started a business but you can’t seem to get the word out and cash flowing in. You wonder why other people seem to be making money with a product or service that is definitely not any better than yours. What makes them successful while you feel like you’re spinning your wheels?

If you’re thinking it’s marketing, that’s only a piece of it.

So what’s the big difference? E-blasts and press releases and social media are all viable ways of getting your product or service seen but what makes people open their wallets or click on your “Buy Now” button? One word: “relationships”. People who know you and like you tell others about you. Friends with influence letting their friends and followers know how great you and your business are.

How do you get people to start sharing your thing?

You’re probably guessing you just need a lot of Facebook friends or Twitter followers but the secret is NOT in those numbers. It’s meeting those people face-to-face, in the skin and spending time with them.

Meeting your mentors or entrepreneurs you look up to and getting to know them on a personal level is the best way to get them to talk up your business and share it with their followers.

I am much more likely to share and promote someone’s business if I’ve worked with them personally than if I simply read their blog and “know” them through social media. When I’ve had lunch with them at a seminar or helped them develop their business at one of my workshops, I’m excited to recommend their business and share it with my friends because I know the human side of the person behind the website, blog or Facebook page.

People I’ve met and worked with at live events are the ones who come to mind when someone asks me “who can I go to for this?”. Fledgling entrepreneurs I’ve coached through the process of making their dream into a profitable business are the ones I tend to recommend to others because I know they know their stuff and will serve well. I know they’ll provide value and I want to spread the word and help them succeed.

If you want a chance to work face-to-face with Barbara Winter and me, to focus on your business and grow your dreams, join us for GROW TRIBE in a historic hotel overlooking the Pacific . We want to help you create something we can brag about.
Find out more about how you can become part of our tribe HERE.


What do Bill Gates, Plato, Harvey Firestone, Andrew Carnegie, Ben and Jerry, Aristotle, Thomas Edison and Socrates all have in common?

What do the most successful people in history all have in common?

None of them did it alone. They all were part of a group that met regularly with the purpose of helping one another attain their goals. They were each involved in a Mastermind.

In fact, I don’t know of a single person who has been super successful without the help of a mastermind.

Just as you’re more likely to drag yourself out of bed if your running buddy is counting on you and you’re less likely to stray from your diet if you have to weigh in weekly with the group at Weight Watchers, having an accountability group keeps you on task.

Accountability is only one of many reasons entrepreneurs need to be part of a mastermind.

The beauty of a mastermind group lies in it’s ability to defy mathematics. You see, when you put 8 entrepreneurs in a room together, the resulting brain power is much more than the sum of 4+4. I can’t tell you why but I believe it has something to do with the way entrepreneurs thrive on challenge and problem solving. We love to share what we’ve learned to help others achieve success.

If you’re in a growth or transition point in your business, you need a group of other entrepreneurs to brainstorm with, network on your behalf and challenge you to work towards and meet your goals.

An effective mastermind group will give you the benefit of different perspectives and share resources, tactics and connections. You’ll inspire each other and offer valuable feedback that your friends, family or employees can’t give because they just don’t understand the way an entrepreneur thinks. You need people who can relate to and give input on your unique challenges because they’ve been there.

When you occasionally spin off course, get sidelined or distracted by too many ideas or you lose momentum because of a let-down, your mastermind will help you get back on track and regain focus.

A well-functioning mastermind will help you overcome your stumbling blocks because they are looking at your obstacles through varying lenses, bringing different strengths and skill sets from diverse backgrounds.

If you’re a solo-entrepreneur, you can’t go it alone. You need the mutual support, advice and counsel of other entrepreneurs and the guidance of those who’ve climbed the mountain before you.

Because we believe that being part of an effective mastermind group is like having your own board of directors,  Barbara Winter , best selling author of “Making a Living Without a Job” and I have put together something you’ll want to be a part of. Get the scoop HERE.

What if you had an advisory board for your business and a support group for your dreams?

Can you believe it’s already April? Where did the first three months of the year go?  Are you on schedule to reach your goals for 2014? Or are you feeling frustrated because this was supposed to be the year you grew your business but you’re already off track because of time constraints, lack of confidence or overwhelm?
If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you have BIG dreams and good intentions but just can’t seem to make it happen. And it’s killing you because you want so badly for your business to bring more income but you don’t have the support or anyone to go to for advice or resources.
You could hire a coach but what you really NEED is a circle of entrepreneurial friends  to bounce ideas off of. Do you wish you had someone to confirm that yes, you do have a viable concept?  Friends who share the journey with you.
Like most of us, you probably don’t have people in your daily life who understand the way your ideas tug at your heart and beg for attention. Your friends and family want to protect you from what they imagine is the risk of going out on your own. They want you to stay in what they perceive as a secure job that puts food on the table even if it’s sucking your soul dry. Those who love you may even discourage you from following your own path because they want to “protect you” from something they just don’t understand.
It’s easy to lose momentum when you don’t have anyone to be accountable to. Dreams wither in isolation and if you share them with the wrong people, the seeds are squashed before they’ve had a chance to take root.
That’s why I love mastermind groups. Being part of an entrepreneurs mastermind is like having an advisory board for your business and a support group for your dreams. In his book  “Think and Grow Rich”, author Napoleon Hill defined the mastermind as a “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”  My experience has been that while having one other person is helpful, having a group of 4 to 6 feels more like putting 8 or 10 heads together.
If you tend to lose confidence, procrastinate or have trouble staying motivated, the accountability of a mastermind will keep you moving in the right direction.  Participants brainstorm ideas, share resources, challenge each other to create and implement goals, give honest input and feedback and fresh perspective.
Since January of 2012 , Barbara Winter, best-selling author of “Making a Living without a Job”, and I have invited a select group of aspiring entrepreneurs to join us for an intensive mastermind  weekend. We holed up in a hotel suite  with six dreamers who walked away do-ers  They brought their how-to questions to the table and left with answers and action steps. Of course they were got the benefit from our combined 7 decades of self-employment  PLUS a new tribe of entrepreneurial pals for continued support after the event.
Since many of you have expressed disappointment that you missed out in the past, we’ve decided to offer more Mastermind Magic this June in Denver. HERE’S THE SCOOP.

Inspiration plants the seeds but your ideas need something else to grow and flourish. Do you know the secret?

The past few days, two exciting invitations landed in my inbox. Well, actually, they were notifications of pre-sales for events, not personal requests for my presence.  One was a reunion of one of my all-time favorite bands. The other, a chance to hear two of my (S)heroes speak. I was tempted to purchase tickets for both but decided not to attend either. Here’s why:


One of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Gilbert will be appearing with Oprah on her “Live the Life you Want” tour.  I wonder, can you really figure out how to live the life you want by spending a weekend in a stadium with thousands of other people?


The second temptation was the announcement that Christine McVie would be joining Fleetwood Mac on tour. Another huge coliseum.


My decision to pass on both events had nothing to do with the cost of tickets or that I was a little annoyed by the “John is dead” hoax of the past few days.


I’m forgoing both events based on past experience. Here’s why:


When I decided to take my consulting business online in 2007, I attended a large seminar presented by a well-known speaker on internet marketing for coaches. After three days and thousands of dollars, I walked away feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied. I met some nice entrepreneurs but with hundreds of attendees, we didn’t form the kind of bond that happens when you are in a smaller, more intimate workshop.


I received a “blueprint” for formulaic internet marketing but I wanted to know how to apply it to MY ideas and MY business in a style that fit ME.


Attendees were invited to become part of a more focused follow-up mastermind which met 3 times a year in a group of about 30 and cost $20,000. Now you tell me, how much time do you think was spent focused on individual businesses in a group of 30?


I don’t expect an opportunity to sit in a small group with Elizabeth Gilbert and brainstorm about writing and I’m not looking for Mick Fleetwood, John and Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks to do a living room concert but I do know I would walk away from those mega venues feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied.


Large events can be inspiring. Circque du Soleil performances are inspiring but if I wanted to know more about how to become a trapeze artist, inspiration wouldn’t cut it. I’d need individual, focused coaching and a supportive network of other performance artists.


The same is true for entrepreneurs. If you want to grow a business, inspiration is vital but there is no one-way-fits-all formula so attention to individual ideas is a must. As we grow our businesses, we need friends who lift us back up when we’re in a slump because they believe in our dreams and understand why we’re doing this thing our friends and family think is crazy. Entrepreneurs need a circle of friends who celebrate even our small victories.


Oprah and Liz can inspire me but if I want someone to guide me to live the life I want, I’m not going to seek it in a stadium and if I want to grow my business, I’m not going to find the support I need in an auditorium.


Have you felt driven to change your life or grow your business but you’re still stuck back where you were a couple of years ago? Do you have plenty of ideas but haven’t made the progress you hoped because you felt overwhelmed or lost focus?


You know why? I’ll be frank with you. You don’t need any more inspiration or certification before you can make it happen. What you need is focus and accountability. You need the kind of support that you can only get in a small group of fellow entrepreneurs. You need a tribe.


Do you have that tribe? If not, join Barbara Winter and me on a free tele-class “8 Ways to Find Your Tribe.”  On Tues. April 15th, 4 Pacific, 7PM Eastern, we’ll show you where to find the people who will help you grow your business and live the life you want. Register for the call HERE

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We hope you make the call live but if you can’t, do join Barbara Winter and me on a free tele-class “8 Ways to Find Your Tribe.”

sign up anyway to receive the audio recording.

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Who makes up your entrepreneurial “personal board”?

When I started my first business in my 20s, I didn’t have any entrepreneurial friends. I felt isolated but I wasn’t getting any discouraging messages because I was so young I wasn’t leaving a “secure job.” I can’t imagine what it would be like to start out today, as a mature adult with responsibilities without a group of entrepreneurial friends who supported and encouraged me.


In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, Jennifer Hyman, cofounder of Rent the Runway wrote that the most unexpected reward she’s found in creating a “personal board”  is that she gets to live the highs of entrepreneurship, not just through her own business, but through her friends’ successes. “When you care about other entrepreneurs, you are genuinely happy for them when they raise an amazing round of funding, sell their company to Adobe, have a baby or just come up with a brilliant new idea. .”


I heard proof of that once again last night when the members of my 2014 group mastermind cheered the accomplishment of one member, who reported that a big project was 95% complete,  offered encouragement and support to another who was in a slump and resources and suggestions for others who had questions or challenges.  If you are trying to start or grow a business, where are you finding your entrepreneurial tribe?

Wow-first quarter of 2014 is nearly over. Are you on track with where you planned to be?

Can you believe we’re almost through the first quarter of the year already? . Are you on track to reach your goals for 2014?

If you’re like many aspiring entrepreneurs, you have great ideas but find it difficult to take action on them. Or you get things rolling but have difficulty staying on task because you know what you want the end result to be but the sequence of necessary steps is unclear? Sometimes, it feels overwhelming. Other times, an idea that seemed brilliant at first begins to feel unattainable or you lose confidence in your own ability to make it happen.

Particularly if your friends and family member are not entrepreneurs, you can lose momentum when you don’t have anyone to run your ideas by or be accountable to. Dreams wither in isolation and if you share them with the wrong people, the seeds are squashed before they’ve had a chance to take root.

That’s why I am an enthusiastic advocate of mastermind groups. Being part of an entrepreneurs mastermind is like having an advisory board  for your business and a support group for your dreams. In his book  “Think and Grow Rich”, author Napoleon Hill defined the mastermind as a “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”  My experience has been that while having one other person is helpful, having a group of 4 to 6 feels more like putting 8 or 10 heads together.

If you tend to lose confidence, procrastinate or have trouble staying motivated, the accountability of a mastermind will keep you moving in the right direction.  Participants brainstorm ideas, share resources, challenge each other to create and implement goals, give honest input and feedback and fresh perspective.

There is nothing like being in a circle of other entrepreneurs to create forward momentum so that you achieve your goals. That’s why Barbara Winter and I are offering an opportunity for a select group of creative entrepreneurs to join us for a mastermind weekend in magnificent Sedona, Arizona. You’ll bring your dream to the circle and get the benefit of our combined 7 decades of self-employment plus the feedback and ongoing support of your tribe. You’ll arrive with questions and leave with answers.  HERE’S THE SCOOP.