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If it’s always been your dream to have your own art gallery or craft-cooperative shop, it’s not as overwhelming as it may seem and you don’t need a lot of start-up capital.  Because I don’t beleive in taking out large loans to start a business , I’ve written an e-guide that gives you step-by-step details for how you can start your own art gallery or craft cooperative with very little or no cash.


I’ve provided templeates and worksheets for everything you need fom how to choose the best location and source stock for  your shop to consignment agreements, insurance issues and artist relationships.


When I opened my gallery in 2000, I had started and sold other successful businesses. Even so,  I still made a lot of mistakes that would have helped me be more profitable sooner. I did make a very nice income from my gallery , did not have to work 24-7 and I sold it for a nice 6 figure profit so I am giving you the guide I wish I’d had.  I’m sharing my own experience and the wisdom I’ve gained from working with  many artists and gallery owners over the years .

You can get it below NOW for ONLY $24. 

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