Bob shares valuable suggestions on how creative teachers can market their classes.

Bob Baker

   Bob Baker is an author, artist, musician and self-publishing advocate who has developed a successful niche writing and speaking about music marketing and self-promotion for songwriters, musicians, and bands.

Bob also teaches improv and in this lively conversation Bob shares valuable suggestions on how creative teachers can market their classes.  You JOIN IN and get the entire Inspiring Teacher Series HERE 

Eli Trier shares valuable info for teachers just beginning to take their courses online

Eli Trier

 Eli Trier is an illustrator,  writer and creator of beautiful, meaningful projects and e-books.  She teaches online courses from her home in Copenhagen.  In her own words: “I get to make art and write for a living. I’m a self-improver, an entrepreneur, an adventurer, a searcher, a reader, an advocate of gratitude, an explorer, a personal development junkie, an introvert, a creativity activist, an enthusiast, a rebel, a misfit and a connector. ”

In our conversation for the Inspiring Teachers series,  Eli shares valuable suggestions for artists just beginning to take their teaching online and about her course, Make Your Mark, overcoming fear of the blank page . You can JOIN US and get the entire series HERE 

Chris Enns, opera singer, teaches artists how to manage their money.

Chris Enns

Chris Enns describes himself as “just your run of the mill opera-singing, financial-planning farmboy.”  Chris actually IS AN OPERA SINGER who teaches artists how to get control of their money.

You can join us as Chris and I chat about why he has such an unusual niche and how he helps artists develop a better understanding of and relationship with money.  And, you can get the entire inspiring Teachers series HERE 



Penny Arrowood teaches book and paper arts

  Penny Arrowood  is a mixed media and book artist from eastern North Carolina.  Her work, often featuring letterforms and text as design elements, is a visual representation of a lifelong love of reading and word-play.  Her art has been featured online and in print, most recently appearing in Making Art from Maps by Jill K. Berry (2016, Rockport Publishers).

Her motto is: “Have paper, will travel,” and for the past 5 years, she has been teaching bookmaking regionally and nationally.  In early 2017, she will join the faculty at Sertoma Arts Center in Raleigh, NC offering workshops in book and paper arts.  She also designs unique creative experiences for small groups and events for people of all ages and artistic abilities.

Teaching is a special joy for Penny, who states that she relishes the sharing and receiving of information and skills in the classroom.  As a proud member (and former President) of the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild, she enjoys being able to give back to the community at large by working with the children’s art programming and creative outreach for the guild.   She actively seeks new ways to collaborate with individuals and organizations to use art as a means to celebrate, document, and reflect this wild ride we call Life.

I’ve had the priveledge of participating in a bookmaking class that Penny instructed and I must say that her enthusiasm and joy of teaching is palpable.

In this conversation, Penny shares how getting involved and connected in the community and an arts guild brought teaching opportunities. Penny also shares valuable information about what happens before, during and after a class that makes her a great teacher. You can JOIN US and get the entire Inspiring Teachers Series HERE 

Body Memory and How Art Heals

  I’ve been following Connie Solera’s 21 Days of EmBody Challenge  and it got me thinking about how much freer, lighter I’d have felt if I’d found something like this decades ago.

The first week of my freshman year in college, I sat in a converted warehouse that served as an art studio for Life Drawing 101. I felt embarrassed looking at the model who appeared to be completely at ease stretched out on her side with thirty pairs of eyes tracing the contours of her naked form. Then I realized I could simply view her body as lines, planes and shadows. My method worked until after break when our model changed positions and disrobed to expose large plum-colored bruises on her buttocks.

Instantly, I heard the snap of a long-ago belt and Continue reading

Salianne McClelland talks about Art is You:Eat Cake-Create Artist Retreats

Sallianne McClelland

  Salianne McClellan is the founder and director of Art is You -Eat Cake-Create. As a guest Inspiring Teacher, Sallianne shares her experience strating and operating a multi-national artist retreat that’s run for the past eleven years. Sallianne tells us what she value most in teachers who are invited to teach at the workshops and retreats in the US and Australia . You can join us and get the entire Inspiring Teachers series HERE


Molly Middleton Meyer brings poetry to Alzheimers and dementia patients

Molly Middleton Meyer

Molly Middleton Meyer, founder of Mind’s Eye Poetry. Molly conducts facilitations, workshops, seminars, and training programs in her method of bringing poetry to dementia patients and their families.

 As a featured guest Inspiring Teacher,  Molly shares her experience using poetry to connect with Alzheimers patients and how it’s enriched their lives and hers as well.
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Susan Johnson teaches mandala as a healing and spritual practice

Susan Paul Johnson

Susan Johnson facilitates workshops and retreats at women’s groups, congregations and mental health groups. On the Inspiring Teachers Course Susan talks about her teaching philosophies and shares her experience transitioning from college professor to  faciliating Mandala and intuitive movement workshops and using mandala as a spiritual practice.  You can listen in to our conversation and get the whole Inspiring Teachers Course HERE

Inspiring Teacher Jodi Ohl

Jodi Ohl

Jodi Ohl is a self-taught mixed media artist. Her work, known for its distinctive texture, bold color combinations and whimsical or abstract compositions has been published in over 27 mixed media magazines.

She is a popular mixed media art teacher at local and national workshops around the US and offers online classes as well.

In our conversation Jodi talks about how she has built her art and teaching as a full time business.  You can get this video and register for the Inspiring Teachers Course HERE


Chris Zydel talks about Intuitive Painting and Sustainable Right Livelihood

Chris Zydel
Chris Zydel

Our guest Inspring Teacher today, Chris Zydel,  AKA the Wild Heart Queen, is head creative goddess at Creative Juices Arts. Chris is a compassionate creativity guide who has unshakeable faith in the power of creativity to heal hearts and change lives. She provides nurturing and joy-filled creative sanctuaries overflowing with encouragement, permission and trust in the sacred energy of play and creativity that lives inside of us all.

Chris facilitates Wildheart intuitive painting workshops at beautiful retreat locations and teaches “Painting with Fire” online. She also runs a year-long intensive Wildheart Teacher Training.

On the Inspiring Teachers Course, Chris shares wisdom from 36 years of guiding deeply meaningful transformations and what it means to be financially successful and spiritually aligned in your right livelihood.

You can tune into our conversation and register for the entire course HERE

Patti Digh, author, speaker, activist and educator

Patti Digh

Patti Digh is an author, speaker, community builder, educator and activist. Patti has traveled and spoken in over 60 countries during her career, writing, speaking, and teaching about intercultural communications, diversity and inclusion, and mindfulness and intentional living, work, and creativity.
She is the author of eight books, including a Fortune magazine “Best Business Book.” Her third book, Life is a Verb, was one of five finalists for the prestigious “Books for a Better Life” Award, and two subsequent books were finalists for the Southern Independent Booksellers Association “Book of the Year Award.” Her award-winning blog, “37days,” is her home base for writing and connecting with her readership.

In today’s segment of the Inspiring Teachers Course,  Patti shares how her teaching has evolved to be more inclusive and effective. You can get this and the entire course HERE 

Lucy Pearce teaches online self-publishing courses.

  Lucy H. Pearce is a multiple Amazon bestselling author, publisher, vibrant artist, teacher and mother of three young children.  Lucy teaches online self-publishing courses.

In her audio for Inspiring Teachers Lucy talks about:

  • Anxiety and teaching – sharing how anxiety has impacted my teaching career, and how to manage some of the issues that teaching presents for those who are highly sensitive, empaths, those with mental health/ energy issues or Aspergers.
  • Weaving a career – how it is possible to incorporate our own creative needs with earning a living through teaching freelance.
  • The seasons of teaching – how teaching might look at different times in your life.
  • E-courses – the key components for an e-course which caters to all learning styles.
  • Self care for teaching – staying sane and healthy.

You can LISTEN TO Lucy’s audio and get the whole Inspiring Teachers Course HERE