Here’s Your One Secret Tool That Will Bring You Consistent Income Month after Month

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If you implement this one simple idea, you will have continual revenue flowing automatically into your business every month.

There are lots of ways to do this depending on what your creative business is, what you make and what kind of supplies and equipment are involved.

Here’s the key: You want a group of people who pay you monthly to provide a service-(think “Fruit-of-the-Month Club”.)  The easiest way to have a steady stream of income is to form a membership site with monthly projects and How-to Videos/instructions. Even if you only charge $9.00 a month, if you have 500 members, that’s an extra $4500. flowing into your bank account every month.

If you enjoy teaching or demonstrating your craft, have someone record a video of your demonstrations and put them up on your website as downloadable courses. You can charge per course or have people pay a monthly membership fee to access your videos and PDFs of written instructions. Do a project of the month and even sell supplies or kits to make the piece. This is also a good way to turn some of those excess supplies into cash. Design projects around supplies you want to get rid of and then sell the video, instructions and supplies.

-Monthly special features: While we’re on the topic of continuity, here’s another idea for repeat revenue: Regardless of what type of pieces you craft, have a monthly special. Example: If you’re a jewelry designer, feature each month’s birthstones or zodiac sign. You’ll generate a lot of extra income.

If you’d like my help designing a customized Portfolio of Profit to turn your creative endeavor into a monthly cash machine, sign up for my “Idea Generator” Sessions HERE 

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