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*Marketing Magic For Makers*

with Barbara Winter and Terri Belford

  * Dallas, Texas *

*Prescott/Sedona, Az*

*Toronto, Canada *

Do you make jewelry, knit hats, bake cakes, make soaps, pour candles or can blackberry preserves? Whether you’re a painter, a potter, a poet or a photographer, you love making stuff and probably wish you could make a living from your craft. You may have put up an Etsy page or set up a booth at a craft fair and you’re not bringing in the cash you’d hoped. Don’t give up because you really can turn your craft into cash and it’s a lot easier and more fun than you imagine.

Walk into a room full of makers anywhere in the world and ask them “What is the number one reason you’re not making more money from your creative work?” Wherever you are, you’ll get the same answer: “because I hate marketing.”

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to art, there’s no correlation between the greatest talent and amount of income? It’s a sad fact that a mediocre artist can make a lot of money and some of the most outstanding work is stacked in the artists’ own studios. Why? Because a lot of talented makers are convinced that creative people are different from business people.

When you hear the name Andy Warhol, you think “artist”  not “business man”,  right?  Well, consider what Andy had to say about the business of art: “After art comes business and the art of doing business is the best art of all.”

If you love making things and you’re not making money, (or enough money,) it’s probably because that whole selling side of the art business unnerves you more than a visit to the dentist.

When you think about trying to market your art, do you feel like climbing back into bed and pulling the covers over your head? If the thought of turning your craft into a business makes you sick, you have a lot of company. Sometimes putting your creations out there can feel as vulnerable as putting a price tag on your firstborn and just like you wouldn’t send your child to school with a sign that says “Please be my best friend”, you don’t have to put your art out there in a way that makes you uncomfortable.
If you’re not making the money you’d like to, it’s probably because you have the idea that marketing is hard or distasteful. Yes, some marketing is just plain sleazy but it doesn’t have to be about hollering to the world, “come buy what I made”.

In fact, you probably won’t believe this until you try it but if you know how to share your art and your story in a friendly, creative way, it can feel good and be fun.

My friend Barbara Winter, best selling author of “Making a Living Without a Job” says “No one starts a business because they love marketing unless it’s a marketing business. and yet, without marketing it’s unlikely that a business will succeed.”
Most likely you didn’t start making stuff because you thought it would be fun to promote it. You started because you love making things and you want to keep making things AND make money.

You CAN and you don’t have to be sales-y or techie or loud. Making money from your creations isn’t really about “selling” at all. It’s about learning how to get your work in front of the people who will become your biggest fans in a way that they will want to share it because they love you and your story.

   Barbara Winter  and I invite you to spend in-person time with us in a room of creative people and learn:

  • How to make your business stand out even in a crowded market like jewelry or photography
  • How to create a fan base of collectors who will want to generate word of mouth endorsements and do the marketing for you
  • How to make a lot more money without putting in a lot more hours
  • No cost or low cost FUN ways to get your products or services in front of the repeat buyers
  • How to make more money from the stuff you make even if you don’t attend craft shows or have an Etsy site

Even if you have no marketing budget, you’ll come away with tried and tested practical ideas that will transform your marketing mindset, boost your confidence about making more money and might even help you learn to love marketing!

Join us for “Marketing Magic for Makers”

Dallas, Texas

October 21st and 22nd

Prescott, Az



Toronto , Canada 


Whether you’re an artist, crafter, maker or baker, your success depends on attracting buyers and that means making peace with your fears around marketing and busting the myth of the starving artist.

We can’t wait to show you how much fun it is to be a maker who makes money

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