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Have you envied your artist friends who post photos of creative workshops they’re teaching in Santa Fe or Hawaii or Mexico and wondered how they got so lucky? Or envied those artists who are holding virtual classes from their own studios? If you’ve thought, “I’d love to do that but I wouldn’t know where to begin” or “I haven’t got the credentials to teach art,”

Well, it isn’t about luck OR credentials.

What if you could hear from the most sought after arts workshop teachers about how they get paid to travel the world or teach online from their home studios or create their own artist gatherings? 

 Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to teach art although I made a huge life-circle back to teaching. But I know that many of you haven’t ever facilitated workshops or classes and are just beginning to get the itch to share what you know and love.

Maybe you’re not really sure if you’re “qualified” to teach or how you would go about organizing classes or how to get people to enroll in your workshops.

One benefit artists gain from teaching workshops is the added income. If you want to earn more than you are making from selling your art, facilitating classes sure beats a job-job to supplement your bankroll.

And money isn’t the only reason to teach.

   Besides getting to hang out with other creatives, facilitating classes expands your exposure in the art community, gives you the opportunity to show (and sell) more of your own work and can bring you invitations to teach at other events and participate in open studios.

What if you love to go to workshops and take classes but don’t really feel called to teach?

One of the best ways I know to get to take lots of courses is to create your own gatherings or retreats by bringing artists and teachers together and it isn’t really difficult to do.

There was such a tremendous response to my recent inquiry about a course for those of you who want to organize workshops or add teaching to your portfolios that I knew I had to create this program.

So I’ve gathered some of the most brilliant and inspiring facilitators in the arts to share their experiences with those who want to add teaching, mentoring or multi-artist workshops to your portfolio of creative profit centers. The guest list includes those who teach fine art, mixed media, writing, yoga, culinary arts, songwriting, poetry, beach dancing, jewelry, mandala making and more.

And some of these teachers also teach the teachers.

We’ll hear from some who teach virtually from their home studios and others who travel to beautiful locations around the world to facilitate at artists gatherings or organize workshops at retreat centers.

Click HERE to see some of the brilliant teachers who will be participating in the Inspiring Teachers Course

These heart-centered teachers offer guidance and expertise on every aspect of organizing and presenting workshops. 

You’ll learn how to find venues for in-person clasees or retreats, which platforms to use for online courses, how to get invited to teach at other people’s retreats,  how to get students to sign up, where to source supplies and even ideas for how teaching your art can lead to other profit centers. Some of the most successful teachers and facilitators will share their experiences with you.

ONLY $97. for the entire COURSE

featuring wisdom from 30 of the most brilliant and sought-after teachers in the arts.

The Inspiring Teachers Course is AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY

When you register you’ll receive a mix of written, audio and video content to accommodate different learning styles.  You will have the content forever so you can go through it at your own pace.

Here are just some of the brilliant guests for the

Inspiring Teachers Course

Mary Anne Radmacher
Jen Louden
Brandie Sellers
Patti Digh
Connie Solera
Jodi Ohl
Chris Zydel
Chris Zydel
Barbara Winter
Jane LaFazio
Melissa Dinwiddie
Effy Wild
Jennifer Cornbleet
Eli Trier
Lille Diane
Kelly Diemond
Heather Plett
Molly Middleton Meyer
Jacqueline Sullivan
Lucy Pearce
Chris Enns
Tara Leaver
Miriam Hughes
Cristina Colli
Sallianne McClelland
Lisa Sonora
Hali Karla
Bob Baker
Kirsti Manna
Susan Paul Johns
Penny Arrowood
Lila Danielle































If you think teaching or organizing creative workshops is in your future, you’ll want to be a part of this because who knows when a gathering of these brilliant souls will ever happen again.


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