Inspiring Teachers

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Here are just some of the brilliant guests for the

Inspiring Teachers Course

Mary Anne Radmacher
Jen Louden
Brandie Sellers
Patti Digh
Connie Solera
Jodi Ohl
Chris Zydel
Chris Zydel
Barbara Winter
Jane LaFazio
Melissa Dinwiddie
Effy Wild
Jennifer Cornbleet
Eli Trier
Lille Diane
Kelly Diemond
Heather Plett
Molly Middleton Meyer
Jacqueline Sullivan
Lucy Pearce
Chris Enns
Tara Leaver
Miriam Hughes
Cristina Colli
Sallianne McClelland
Lisa Sonora
Hali Karla
Bob Baker
Kirsti Manna
Susan Paul Johns
Penny Arrowood
Lila Danielle


If you think teaching or organizing creative workshops is in your future, you’ll want to be a part of this because who knows when a gathering of these brilliant souls will ever happen again.

Lets Connect