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The mission of Inspired Livelihood is to support, inspire and encourage artists, musicians, authors and aspiring entrepreneurs to make a living while making a difference in their community or the world.

As part of the Inspired Livelihood Series, I interview select social entrepreneurs, artists, craftspeople, musicians, authors and change agents,  people who are not only successful at their mission or craft but also are passionate about meaningful livelihood.  These entrepreneurs are chosen because they are an inspiration to others, particularly young entrepreneurs who may not be getting a lot of encouragement from family and friends, or are hearing negative messages about following a creative path. We all know creative people who were discouraged from pursuing a career in the arts or social change fields and told to do something more “practical”.  Now there are a lot of baby boomers who have spent decades in a job that puts food on the table but doesn’t  feel their soul. If they are fortunate enough to still have their health, they are hoping for a second career doing what they love. It’s my goal to help them get back to what they were born to do and to keep the younger aspiring entrepreneurs on track to an inspired livelihood.

I’m proud to feature the following “Inspired Entrepreneurs” and share their recorded interviews with you.

Image 1 Ruth Davis

Ruth is a Mac Trainer, Creative Living Coach, inspiring speaker, writer, artist and visionary at Spark the Heart and Mac2School.

On August 1, 2012, Ruth packed up her 24 foot motorhome and is now officially living full-time at the beach in an RV Park just two blocks from the ocean.

She meets with Mac clients through the wonders of online technology and creates online courses that are accessible to people all over the world.

She leads workshops and retreats that offer women opportunities to find the spark of courage to explore and claim and manifest their own dreams!

Ruth’s most recent project is a community prayer flag event. In the audio below, Ruth talks her own journey and gives wonderful tips for creative entrepreneurs to make their online lives easier. She also shares a bit about her new creative project. You can hear this delightful conversation below:


Marianne Cantwell

I just spoke with my uber-mobile friend Marianne Cantwell of Free-Range Humans about her new book which pre-launches today.  You know I do not read or recommend  “how-to” business books and “Be a Free Range Human” is definitely NOT dry, MBA speak. It’s also not about how to make a living while traveling the world as Marianne does, although there is a chapter about how to do that if it’s your style.  Free-ranging IS about designing your life and your business to have the freedom to choose how, where and when you work so that you can live life on YOUR terms. Whether your dream is to be location independent or stay home with your kids and make a living from your kitchen table, this book will show you how to “escape the 9 to 5, create the life you love and still pay the bills.”  Like me, Marianne knows it’s possible to start up on very little capital and she shows you how in “Be a Free Range Human”. Marianne’s writing style is conversational so it’s like spending time with a friend who’s also a wonderful story teller. (and I just happen to be one of the success stories in the book.) Just reading the table of contents had me giggling with excitement to dig in. If you’re ready to “escape the 9-5, create the life you love and still pay the bills”  listen in on my interview with Marianne about her new book  HERE  


Leah Matson

When we talk about creating multiple income streams, we frequently think of having to do something less “artsy” to supplement the income made in our craft. But Leah Matson, founder of Soul Salon, shares how she has combined her diverse talents to nourish and fulfill her creative self while making a living in the arts. Leah is a working actress, exhibiting painter, creativity workshop instructor, and psychology professor, specializing in converting anger to vital creative energy.
In this inspiring interview, Leah talks about unleashing your creative blocks.

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Kirsti Manna

Kirsti Manna

Don’t you just love to hear about someone who makes a living doing what they love and shares their gift by helping other artists learn the ropes? In this interview, Kirsti Manna, Nashville-based hit songwriter, publisher, producer and  actress talks about her “Songwritergirl Camp”and shares her tips on how to be successful in any of the arts.

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catherine anne jonesCatherine Anne Jones

Do you think play-writes and screen writers have an obligation to take responsibility for the effect their art has on society?

In this interview, Catherine Ann Jones, an award-winning author, screenplay writer and educator introduces us to “The Way of Story”, the Craft and Soul of Writing and discusses what it means to be a socially responsible screen writer.

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Jenny DohJenny Doh

How do you combine a love of craft with a desire to make a difference in the community? In this interview, Jenny Doh,  editor in Chief for Stampington and Company, talks about growing up in a family of artists who emigrated to the US and shares her transition from a career in social work and community relations to art publishing. Jenny grew Somerset Publications from 6 brands to over 30 and introduces us to the newest publication, Green Craft Magazine,which features “up-cycled” art, making beautiful things from recycled objects.
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susan-collin-marks-smSusan Collin Marks

It’s always inspiring to hear from someone who has created a  business that drives change. One of the most inspiring social entrepreneurs I know is Susan Collin Marks, Senior Vice President of Search for Common Ground, a leader in international peace building.

Search uses film, tv and radio to transform the way the world deals with conflict. In this interview, Susan explains how she works with local partners to create culturally relevant soap-opera type radio and tv shows to help opposing groups understand their differences and act on the commonalities

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Ellen Schreiber

Do you ever wonder how someone comes to be a best Eselling author of teen vampire romance? Where the ideas come from? What inspires them? In this interview, Ellen Schreiber shares her journey from actress to stand up comic to publishing in eight languages and frequenting the NY Times Bestseller list.

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Jennifer Pickering

Do you ever dream of combining your love for the arts with a lack in society and creating a business that doesn’t just put food on the table but feeds your soul and makes a difference in the world?

In this inspiring interview, Jennifer Pickering, founder and executive director of Lake Eden Arts Festival shares how Leaf International and Leaf in Schools and Streets empowers youth globally and, through the arts connects them with their own culture.

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Nancy Traversy

nancy_headshot_crop1How does a woman with a background in banking start and grow a children’s publishing business based on 5 core values, move continents and inspire literacy and responsibility for our planet all while raising 4 young children? In this interview, Nancy Traversy shares how creating Barefoot Books has made a difference in the lives of children around the world and discusses the Ambassador Program, the newest segment of her business which lets moms have their own business selling magnificent children’s books, puzzles and more.  Nancy shares with us how she created a business that empowers children through art and story, to protect and preserve the earth for future generations.

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