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I’m so excited to share this with you because I want all of you to have the opportunity to hear the wisdom of these brilliant entrepreneurs. These are all creative people just like you who took a leap and made things happen so that they could live their dreams of being self-sustaining, creative entrepreneurs.

For this series I deliberately chose entrepreneurs who are making a living doing things you’ve probably heard all your life referred to as “hobbies” but these people are putting food on the table and money in the bank doing things like doodling, baking cupcakes, candle making, jewelry design, creating art, teaching creativity workshops, making organic chocolate and traveling to foreign lands shopping and reselling folk art.

I’m hoping their experiences will encourage you to continue moving in the direction of your dreams.

As promised, these audios are chock-full of valuable info and inspiring stories about people just like you who took an idea and created a livelihood doing what they love.




Image 11 Barbara Winter   best selling author of “Making a Living without a Job” helps people discover their entrepreneurial spirit and put it to work. In this conversation, Barbara and I discuss Demystifying Marketing and overcoming the “I Hate Marketing”  Mindset.  Barbara talks about how marketing is actually a creative experience.  Listen in HERE




Image Carla Blazek is an artist, photographer, writer and candlemaker at   Zena Moon. In this discussion, Carla shares how she abandoned a high-level, high-tech career that was literally killing her and rediscovered her flame and lifeline through creating a line of candles that are coveted by Oprah, Martha Beck and SARK. Listen in HERE




Image 2 Christen Olivarez Editor in Chief of Stampington and CoCan you imagine finding a job listing on Craigslist that requires you to bring samples of your craft projects to the interview? Christen did and landed an entry-level  job opening packages of crafty submissions for Somerest Studio, Belle Armoire and other crafting publications and worked her way up to Editor in Chief. In this interview, Christen talks about how you  can get your craft projects published in the top crafting magazines. Listen in HERE




Image 3 Connie Hozvicka, is an artist, writer , teacher and  yogini  at Dirty Footprints Studio . In this inspiring conversation, Connie shares how she  made the transition from public school teacher to  fully self-sustainable artist and made more in one month doing what she loves than she did in 3  months in her teaching job. Listen in HERE





Image 1 Constance Rawlins  Multi Media Artist and CPA to Creative Entrepreneurs,  blogs about art, craft, cooking, and small business at Living within Your Harvest. On this call, Connie tells us the things an artist or craftsperson MUST do right off to set up their creative business. Listen in HERE




Image 4 David Doodleslice Cohen. Brand Therapist and Doodler-in-Chief at Equation Arts. In this delightful conversation, David tells us how he went from a mathematician and dotcom-er to making a living helping entrepreneurs find their authentic brand through “Doodles to Noodles” and painting custom “Snearkerdoodles”. Listen In HERE




Image 19 Judy Miranda helps fine folk artists from several continents find American markets for their art through Global Art Travels . Listen in as Judy discusses how she started her business and her mission to bridge the world through art HERE. 




Image 6 Kathleen Doherty founder of Creative U Magazine . Kathy shares with us how she went from high school teacher to starting a successful  jewelry and glass teaching studio in Arizona and how, when her husband’s job took them to Ohio, she continued to serve the community through an online magazine. She shares her experience learning to create income through affiliate marking of jewelry and craft making materials and equipment. Listen in HERE. 

Note: Since this interview, Kathy has moved again as her husband’s job took them to Colorado. She has a new handmade business Pup Panache    a delightful collection of all things dog — Swarovski crystal leather dog collars, stylish, comfy, no choke dog harnesses, doggy backpacks, and dog hats. I am committed to high quality items that are comfortable for dogs.  which will be featured in the next Inspired Livelihood , Inspired Entrepreneurs Series. Meanwhile check out her Etsy site at the link above. 



Image 7 Kimberly Kitchen jewelry artist and glass painter  discusses how she and her husband Andrew met the needs of other artists and grew a thriving community forum and online shops at  Listen in HERE.








Image 8 Lisa Reinhardt of Wei of Chocolate  shares her journey from spending 11 yrs studying meditation in the Himalayas to creating a line of Organic , Vegan, Fair trade,  Gluten free  and Soy free chocolate using flower essences to balance mind, body and spirit. Her chocolate is now sold in healing centers and spas internationally.  Listen in HERE



Image 9  Melissa Morgan left a job in education to open the first  vegan cupcake bakery and school in Brixton, London, UK. MsCupcake talks about the learning curve, challenges and triumphs of making her creative dream happen. She has published one book and is working on the second while traveling the world speaking,  teaching and continuing to grow her cupcake shop.  Listen in HERE




Image 10 Rodney Washington is a fine art and commercial photographer, author and Creative Marketing Mentor  at Get Paid for your Creativity.  In this discussion, Rodney shares tips on how YOU can sell your photography  and make money as a professional photographer at a time when everyone is shooting decent photographs with their iPhones. Listen HERE


Image 18  Ruth Davis Mac Magician, Artist and Heart Coach. In this conversation, Ruth shares her story of picking up a long-term thriving local business and moving from the desert to the beach, to live in her RV and create 2 new business models and a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. Ruth gives us some great Mac tips for artists to organize and streamline our  online lives. This is something creative entrepreneurs sure do need. Listen in HERE.



Image 12  Zan Packard  Author, Artist  Gypsy Spirit and Creative Workshop Facilitator –  at Zan Packard – Loving the Adventure. Listen in as Zan talks about living in a way that honors her creative energy as the  creator of 2 delightful coloring books for adults “The Mindful Journey” and “Vintage Gypsies” that combine meditation, creativity and journaling. Zan also talks about the power of her “INVOKING THE MUSE” workshops. Listen in HERE.




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