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Marketing Magic for Makers

with Terri Belford and Barbara Winter:

Do you make jewelry, knit hats, bake cakes, make soaps, pour candles or can blackberry preserves? Whether you’re a painter, a potter, a poet or a photographer, you love making stuff and probably wish you could make a living from your craft. You may have put up an Etsy page or set up a booth at a craft fair and you’re not bringing in the cash you’d hoped. Don’t give up because you really can turn your craft into cash and it’s a lot easier and more fun that you imagine.

When you think about trying to market your art, do you feel like climbing back into bed and pulling the covers over your head? If the thought of turning your craft into a business makes you sick, join Barbara Winter, author of “Making a Living Without a Job”,  me and a room full of other makers where we’ll show you lots of fun, creative ways to turn your craft into cash. Find out more HERE 


Mobile Workshops

Here’s how it Works: Email and let me know which workshop you would like to attend and where you live.

-If I have readers in the area I will market to my list. OR
-You gather  5 attendees, we’ll have a group and YOU will come tuition free.

The Workshops:

The Myth of the Starving Artist: Easy ways to turn your creative work into a viable, fun and profitable business.

How to get your Handmade Work into Galleries and Shops: I will share what I learned as an artist, specialty retailer and gallery owner so that you  will be able to get your art or handmade crafts into shops and galleries. We’ll also cover many other ways of selling your art off-line.  1/2 day

Creating an Inspired Livelihood-Make Money, Meaning and a Difference: Whether you are just starting or already in business, you may long for more meaning and purpose in your livelihood.  Let’s get to the soul of your business or idea and create a livelihood based on a multiple bottom line that accounts for social responsibility as well as personal values and ethics. 1 full day

Start Now! Bring your Dream, Let’s Make it a Business: This is your opportunity to get face-to-face time with me in an intimate group  setting focusing on YOUR individual ideas and work around the roadblocks that have been  holding you back. We’ll examine YOUR dream and YOUR obstacles and together we’ll work around the challenges to find solutions so that 2012 is the year you finally get your  dream business rolling. 1 full day

Be the Author of your Regret-Life: Imagine how it would feel to look back on your life story and be proud of your role as the central character.  In this 4 part course, we will use writing as a tool for self discovery to identify what matters most to you and what you don’t want to leave undone. Whether you journal daily or have never written, you’ll learn to design the rest of your life so that your future bio reads like a screenplay you’d want to star in. 2 full days

To talk to me about any of the above workshops, email me at terri at inspiredlivelihood dot com or go to the Contact Page HERE 




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