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…. waking up every morning knowing the day is yours to spend as you choose.

What would that day look like? Would you start the day off with a walk through the woods or a leisurely cup of coffee in your pajamas while you write in your journal? Would you be heading to your garage ceramic studio or into your darkroom to develop travel photos? Maybe you’re a docent in a museum or national park.

You’re excited to face the morning because instead of fighting commuter traffic, your day is spent doing what you LOVE

and doing it wherever, whenever and with whomever you choose-

Imagine…… having the time, energy and resources to make a difference in your community or the world.

Imagine…doing what comes naturally, what feels like play to you…making money on your own terms.

Imagine a boss who considers YOUR happiness, success and YOUR best interest their #1 priority because that boss is YOU.

Well, this dream of FREEDOM doesn’t have to be just a fantasy. it’s possible to live the way you want, work where you want and still make a great living.

I am  living a FREEDOM LIFESTYLES and have friends all over the world who are making a living while living the life of their dreams.

I know that FREEDOM means different things to different people and that your definition of FREEDOM changes at different stages of your life.  I’ve each chosen different lifestyles that allowed me spend time with my family  when my son was younger and to still be there for those special celebrations.

My current choice of semi-mobile lifestyles is not for everyone. Maybe your idea of FREEDOM is working from home in your PJs.

Whether your fantasy is taking time off and living rent free in another country, or leaving your corporate job and starting a business of your own, it’s time to take your dreams off the back burner and focus on Creating a Freedom Lifestyle that feeds your soul AND puts money in the bank.

If you sometimes feel like you are living someone else’s plan for your life or
you find yourself at mid life moving full speed in the wrong direction or treading in place with NO direction, it’s time to CLAIM your FREEDOM.

There’s a common misconception that the only way to have true freedom is to have an internet business and that’s just NOT true. If you’re tired of all the hype about earning a six-figure income on your laptop, let’s set up a phone consult to  see how you can finance your freedom to fit your ideal lifestyle whether that means working from home or with other self-employed friends at co-working spaces, living the RV Lifestyle, being a jet-setting suitcase entrepreneur or a creating a portfolio career.

Do you feel like you’ve spent half your life doing what others expected of you, or what you thought you “should” be doing, panicking that time is passing you by and wondering if and when you will ever get your turn?
or if it is selfish to finally want to listen to your own needs?

Well, there is nothing irresponsible or self indulgent about focusing on your own deepest desires.

In fact, it’s not only desirable, it’s imperative, because denying your true direction and staying STUCK will eventually make you cranky and depressed.

If you dream of working from home with your kids or pets or your ideal lifestyle is to:

  • do different work each season in amazing places like ski resorts and National Parks
  • do short term contract work or freelance from home with your kids
  • travel the world and write about it
  • or make a living making art in your home studios

I’ll help you see how you can design your life to leverage your strengths and even have others making money for you while you are at home, on vacation or working on another project.

Isn’t it time you put the “life” back in your livelihood? For many of us it takes a crises, illness, separation or loss of a loved one to shake us up and remind us that time is passing and we’d better get busy living.
But why wait for a wake-up call when you can start NOW to make a living AND make a difference, living the life you were meant to live.

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