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I’m so excited to share this Inspired Entrepreneurs Series with you because I want all of you to have the opportunity to hear the wisdom of these brilliant entrepreneurs. These are all creative people just like you who took a leap and made things happen so that they could live their dreams of being self-sustaining, creative entrepreneurs.


Jeanne Hewell-Chambers  is taking on a HUGE project inspired by a television documentary about a horrific event few of us were aware of.

In 1940 and 1941, 70,273 physically and mentally disabled people  were murdered by the Nazis simply because doctors who’d never seen the patients, only their records,  deemed them “unfit” or an “economic burden on society”.  Three doctors were to read each medical file, and when two of them made a red X on the page, the disabled person’s fate was sealed. Most were murdered within 1-2 hours.

To commemorate these 70,273 voiceless, powerless people who were so callously and casually murdered Jeanne is gathering 70,273 blocks of white fabric (representing innocence and the paper the doctors read), each bearing two red X’s (representing one person), and I will stitch them together into quilts.  You can listen in HERE as Jeanne tells me all about this enormous statement art she is creating and how you can be part of this even if you don’t sew.







Love Sculpture_edited-1

Barbara and Rick Osgood are living the freedom-lifestyle that so many dream of and they are NOT retired. They’ve  combined several interests and skills to create what I like to refer to as a portfolio livelihood that enables them to live full-time in their RV wherever in the US they choose, to see the sites and spend time visitng their children and grands. Listen in HERE to learn how they’ve created this livelihood.







Rosie Slosek is a whole life transformation guide who helps her clients take the practical steps they need now to get where they need to go (even if they don’t know exactly where that is).  As an accountant, Rosie comes from a strong financial background but she helps you focus on the whole picture working on food, moeny and mindset. You can listen in HERE as Rosie and I discuss this whole-life approach to well-being and read more about how Rosie can help you live a more balanced life  HERE. 







James Wallman is author of the best selling book “Stuffocation” ,
and founder of “The Future is Here” -a think tank for a better world.
In this conversation, James talks about why he quit his job helping businesses such as BMW and Google prepare for the future so that he could start a movement to “make the Experience Revolution transform quality of life in the 21st century.” His newest venture “Group Hug” makes it easy for a group of friends around the world to give their friend the gift of a fantastic experience. You can listen in on our conversation HERE






Our guest today is Kristine Walker, jewelry designer and author of the new ebook “It’s Time to Party! Home Show Style: A Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Multi-Vendor Holiday Show”. When I realized our live interview was scheduled for 1AM Kristine’s time, we decided to scrap the plan and do a written interview. You can read all about Kristine’s journey from Interior Designer to Event Planner to Successful Jewelry Designer and learn about her new e-book . Kristine also shares some great advice for those starting out in a creative business.




Carol Andrews‘ background as a retail buyer and professional portrait photographer prepared her to launch this brilliant new art form and giftware business called Art Glass Visions.   I find Carol’s story inspiring for so many reasons. After losing her husband to a heart attack and her home studio in a hurricane, Carol bounced back from the depths of depression and rebuilt a new creative business. She’s also one to take action, not just talk about it. When I met Carol in September, she had the idea of turning these gorgeous photographic images into stained pieces. After we brainstormed with a group of other artists, Carol went home to Texas and immediately put her plan in motion in time to offer these gorgeous pieces for the holidays. You can read more about Carol’s creative entrepreneurial journey here as Carol talks about taking her art from portrait photography to nature imagery to a new line of stunning gift ware based on her images.

12088292_10153637679612560_8672122645977650275_n Liz Nonnemacher is founder of Wickedly Chic, an online shopping guide that features indie brands. In this interview, Liz tells us how a former stay-at-home-mom creates a successful business that gives makers a place to feature their work and shoppers a place to find unique items.  You can listen to our conversation about the benefits of an online marketplace that connects the buyer directly to the craftsperson. Liz also shares some wonderful tips for increasing your holiday sales. Click HERE to listen to the recording.



Sanford Professional Headshots    Jeanine Taylor , founder and Director of Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery in Sanford Florida,  talks about her transition from teacher to corporate sales to a successful brick and mortar gallery specializing in contemporary southern folk art. In this inspiring conversation, Jeanine tells the story of how her business evolved from a florida-themed emporium to the specialized niche her business is today. She shares how she almost gave up after 9-11 and then rebuilt her business to a stronger, sustainable enterprise. We talk about how valuable it is to have artists working on site, building collectors and deveoping a creative community that is now a destination. Jeanine also tells us about her wonderful new course for Creative Entrepreneurship. You can listen to our conversation HERE


9694751_orig  Emily Cromwell, artist, illustrator, entrepreneur and college student. Emily started her business when she was a junior in high school and now sells her hand lettered and illustrated greeting cards, art prints, and other inspirational items both retail and wholesale.  Listen in HERE as Emily talks about what it’s like to balance a successful business and college studies.


Sandy Starr IMG_0028 Sandy Starr is a fine artist and author. Sandy started painting as a child and has taken an out-of-  the-ordinary route to her training and selling her work. Listen in as Sandy and I have a conversation about how she designed her own fine arts course by chosing teachers and mentors.  You’l be surprised to hear how and where Sandy finds buyers and collectors for her paintings.  You can see some of her work HERE   and find her book “Unlikely Friends” HERE


10845673_10153155816746154_9045918543859343492_o Sherry Richert Belul is founder and joy ninja of Simply Celebrate. When it comes to celebration, Sherry has a simple philosophy: life is extraordinary and fleeting; celebrate now and say it now. Sherry helps people appreciate who they are and the people they love through customized tribute books and programs and practices to help celebrate everyday life.   Listen In HERE as Sherry and I have a conversation about the importance of celebrating every day.


5146xuWiajL._UX250_ Jennifer Cornbleet is a raw food expert , top-selling Author of “Raw Food Made Easy for One or Two People” and founder of Easy Real Meals dot com. Jenny teaches chef and instructor training courses at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and has wonderful resources and courses for healthy plant-based eating. Listen in HERE as Jenny and I talk about everythign from easy, healthy eating to teaching to career change.   


10422261_866060690106530_2238244240266634556_n  Mary Anne Radmacher is an artist, author, coach and inspirational teacher Mary Anne is creative director of Applied Insight, offering inspiring products and innovative personal and professional development services and events designed to help people live with intention and lean forward into life.” Listen in HERE as Mary Anne shares her insights and wisdom on publishing, licensing and creating a steady source of income doing work that thrills you and your collectors.


61ix2pJpYYL._UX250_ Artist and illustrator, Eli Trier is the author of  “The Gratitude Project: A Year of Saying Thank You to the people who changed my life”.  Contrary to popular advise, Eli jumped ship on her career , quickly and successfully replaced her income through writing and making art.  Listen in HERE as Eli and I talk about gratitude, productivity, self-development, business and marketing.


10334278_10203913572379150_2286176645014692940_n  Laura Cottril is an award-winning, Master Craftsman and Certified Professional Photographer . Laura specializes in creating emotional, natural light portraits. Her intuitive creativity and deeply personalized approach combine to create exquisite fine art imagery. Listen In HERE as Laura talks about how giving back is good for business and her done-for-you “Portrait Project Charity Kit” that shows you everything you need to know to build a school fundraiser that builds your business, brings you quality clients and makes a difference in your community.


10268439_10152855450658417_6639796748207402097_n  Penelope O’Gara is a theatre costume designer,  founder of The Itinerant Bizarrium and maker one-of-a-kind art dolls with fantastic names like Captain Zachariah, Bertrand Nounours and Lorelei the Magical Mermaid.   Penelope tired of the bright lights of Los Angeles, crossed the Atlantic back to her native land, and settled with her three handsome sons in a cottage on the edge of the beautiful Mendip hills of Somerset.  Listen in HERE as Penelope talks about the joy of researching all manner of weird and wonderful characters   who are creating their own alternative world with her assistance, rooted in 1920s & ’30s travelling freak shows. We talk about the transition to of building her own handmade doll business and how she’s built followers and collectors


. IMG_0274  Marie Kazezian. of Vintage Paris Market, $5 French Marche and several other Etsy shops.  Marie carries over 1,000 different items in her Etsy shops. Marie made the transition from climbing the corporate ladder to selling scrapbook supplies retail to making natural soaps and lotions to sell in her Etsy shops. Listen in HERE as she talks about how she got started on Etsy and grew her business while growing her family. Marie has some great advice for established sellers as well as newbies just starting out in the online marketplace.


For this series I deliberately chose entrepreneurs who are making a living doing things like: 

  • facilitating virtual and in-person creativity workshops
  • designing coloring books,
  • designing and knitting hats
  • selling patterns
  • designing and printing self-adhering wall decals for home decor
  • painting silk apparel
  • writing and speaking about financial planning in a language artists understand
  • photography
  • songwriting

I’m hoping their experiences will encourage you to continue moving in the direction of your dreams. As promised, these audios are chock-full of valuable info and inspiring stories about people just like you who took an idea and created a livelihood doing what they love.


10301547_10103513759754117_3055751421011585077_n  Phillip Van Nostrand is a professional photographer from Santa Barbara Ca who is now working and living in New York City. Phil has done an outstanding job with developing relationships in person and on social media and has a  brilliant way of inviting people to hire him. LISTEN IN    Here  as Phil talks about how he is able to stand out and succeed in a saturated market. You can learn more about Phillip and see his amazing work HERE 


RachelSumner-parade  Rachel Sumner is an award winning children’s songwriter and performer who has created a niche in edutainment with her lively concerts that promote language development and self-esteem. Rachel’s music videos were a regular feature on The Learning Channel’s “Ready, Set, Learn” and her radio show “Rachel’s Fun Time” is played on children’s radio including Radio Lollipop which airs In 27 children’s hospitals around the world. Rachel’s CDs, curriculum/songbook, and Sign Language video stimulate imaginations with stories and songs.. Her CD “Join the Parade’ was hailed as one of the best children’s recordings of the year. “Tap Those Toes” rose to #2 top selling CD on CD Baby out of all musical genres. Her Lullabies are my favorite new-baby gift and she has a brand new interactive Holiday CD titled “Jingle All the Way”  which includes video, sing-along lyrics and a coloring book.  LISTEN IN HERE as Rachel talks about how she followed her passion for music to make a living and a difference. You can  learn more about Rachel and get her music HERE


LynnHByJoanneWeidigweb Lynn is a true polymath who makes her living in the visual and performing arts. Lynn’s a wonderful example of someone who has put together what I like to call a portfolio of profit centers. She and her husband have a group that performs 20’s music. She also teaches about fiber arts and polymer clay and designs and sells kitting patterns AND I’ve recently learned of a new project she’s working on to help other creatives manage their stuff.  LISTEN IN HERE as Lynn describes her kalaidoscope of creative income streams. You can read more about Lynn HERE


    Andrea Schroeder  Andrea is founder of Creative Dream Incubator. Andrea’s devoted her life to helping brilliant creative geniuses (like yandrearoundou!) live their dreams. Andrea believes the whole concept of “impossible” is bullshit, that ALL dreams ARE possible and that creative people bringing their dreams to life is going to save the world. LISTEN IN as Andrea shares her transition from the corporate world to her dream loft and supporting a life she loves through sharing spirituality and art.



  306016_248896785149968_5548783_n Diane Serviss: Pixiebell  founder of Pixiebelle, a top-selling Etsy site featuring Diane’s original designs of hand knitted and crocheted hats and scarves. Diane’s also the author of the new pattern book “Knitted Beanies & Slouchy Hats: 31 Original Designs to Suit Your Style & Attitude” LISTEN IN as Diane shares how she grew her Etsy site that is now a full-time family business.



10590525_10153116039212786_3234420619067410468_n Kelly: Simple Shapes  Kelly and her husband Sunho are a husband and wife team, an Architect and a Graphic Designer who design self-adhering vinyl wall decals and other home decor items. LISTEN IN as Kelly shares how she and Sunho created a successful business that combines art and practical function and allowed them to leave their high-earning corporate jobs.



luna-in-kimono-full-length-jan14  Luna Jaffee  Luna is an artist, financial planner and author of “Wild Money, a creative journey to creative wisdom”, the first gorgeous book about money. Luna made her living as an artist for 12 years and now LISTEN IN as Luna shares her wisdom, her story and talks about wealth in a language that artists understand.



photo-2-261x300 Lisa Jacobs Lisa is the founder of the Energy Shop where she sells gemstone jewelry and Feng Shui supplies. and she blogs about building a creative business at Market Your Creativity. Lisa shows artists how to get more website traffic, sales and professional recognition. She turned $100 worth of supplies into a business that earns over six figures. You can read an interview with Lisa HERE


iusa_75x75.9703583 Mary Lynn: InBlue Leather Mary Lynn is a top Etsy seller and has been featured in British Vogue magazine, Bicycling magazine, MSN, Mountain Xpress, Try Handmade, Southern Lady, Southern Living, and other publications. LISTEN IN as Mary Lynn shares how she started with a little sewing machine in a small midwestern town and grew In Blue into an ultra successful retail and wholesale business that supports a large studio and a creative staff.


Blue_Medals_226x170 Melianna and Alex: Running on the Wall  MeliAnna and Alex Anastasiatis, are top Etsy sellers and creators of original running race bibs & medals displays. They use recycled wood and are conscious about the impact their business has on the environment. LISTEN IN as MeliAnna shares how they turned a passion for running into a successful business that affords them precious time with family and a lifestyle they love.


melissa-goofy-214x300  Melissa Dinwiddie   Melissa’s an artist, writer, singer/songwriter who’s known for getting creative people sparked, stoked and creating. She runs Living A Creative Life and the Creative Ignition Club and refers to herself as a Creativity Instigator. LISTEN IN as Melissa shares her inspiring story of how she’s combined her many talents and put together a successful portfolio career.





il_170x135.622035900_4rcj  Michelle : Festive Home Decor  Michele is a top Etsy seller who stocks over 400 fabrics and makes gorgeous bedding ensembles and custom monogrammed pillow covers. LISTEN IN  as Michelle shares how she made a rapid transition from a corporate executive to a full time creator of beautiful things. Michelle shares some secrets to her rapid success.


about-1 Rachel: Sopawalla  Rachel is founder and chef at Soapwalla, a line of high quality, holistic face and body products. LISTEN IN as Rachel shares how she went from concert violinist to attorney to creator of natural products carried by retailers all over the world.



sambennett-juzbontxrsrncalebwrwtogtzblwtpwi-v2  Samantha Bennette  Samantha is a poet, writer, working actor, teacher and creative productivity specialist at the Organized Artist Company.   She’s founder of The organized artist company, the author of the popular book of poems, “By The Way, You Look Really Great Today,” and the newly released “Get it Done: From Procrastination to creative genius in 15 minute as a day.” LISTEN IN  as Sam addresses issues like overwhelm and procrastination common to nearly every creative entrepreneur.


10-10-Photo-2-reduced  Sandy Dell Sandy spent 14 years as a sales rep in the gift and gourmet industry and in this interview gives tips for working with a rep to get your creations into retail shops. READ SANDY’S INTERVIEW HERE




artist-image-287x300  Sheryl Tuorila Sheryl is a mosaic artist who hand crafts ceramic tiles with names like Zen Tile, Flowing Ovals and Squaresville in her Minneapolis studio. Sheryl’s work can be seen in such public spaces as Mother Baby Center at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, Hennepin County Medical Center, Roosevelt Library, Metro State University and many private residences. LISTEN IN  as Sheryl talks about the benefits of being part of a huge community in the arts district and shares how she has gotten commissions for public installations and grants to purchase more tools and equipment and travel to create her art.


il_570xN.252962558  Tam with Sugar Robot Tam and his partner Lisa are top Etsy sellers and creators of Sugar Robot. They make edible butterflies, leaves, bugs, birds, dragonflies and other cake toppers to pretty up your baked goods. LISTEN IN  as Tam shares their experience of growing a profitable business that now includes employing several family members.



Image 11 Barbara Winter   best selling author of “Making a Living without a Job” helps people discover their entrepreneurial spirit and put it to work. In this conversation, Barbara and I discuss Demystifying Marketing and overcoming the “I Hate Marketing”  Mindset.  Barbara talks about how marketing is actually a creative experience.  Listen in HERE




Image Carla Blazek is an artist, photographer, writer and candlemaker at   Zena Moon. In this discussion, Carla shares how she abandoned a high-level, high-tech career that was literally killing her and rediscovered her flame and lifeline through creating a line of candles that are coveted by Oprah, Martha Beck and SARK. Listen in HERE



Image 2 Christen Olivarez Editor in Chief of Stampington and CoCan you imagine finding a job listing on Craigslist that requires you to bring samples of your craft projects to the interview? Christen did and landed an entry-level  job opening packages of crafty submissions for Somerest Studio, Belle Armoire and other crafting publications and worked her way up to Editor in Chief. In this interview, Christen talks about how you  can get your craft projects published in the top crafting magazines. Listen in HERE



Image 3 Connie Hozvicka, is an artist, writer , teacher and  yogini  at Dirty Footprints Studio . In this inspiring conversation, Connie shares how she  made the transition from public school teacher to  fully self-sustainable artist and made more in one month doing what she loves than she did in 3  months in her teaching job. Listen in HERE



Image 1 Constance Rawlins  Multi Media Artist and CPA to Creative Entrepreneurs,  blogs about art, craft, cooking, and small business at Living within Your Harvest. On this call, Connie tells us the things an artist or craftsperson MUST do right off to set up their creative business. Listen in HERE



Image 4 David Doodleslice Cohen. Brand Therapist and Doodler-in-Chief at Equation Arts. In this delightful conversation, David tells us how he went from a mathematician and dotcom-er to making a living helping entrepreneurs find their authentic brand through “Doodles to Noodles” and painting custom “Snearkerdoodles”. Listen In HERE



Image 19 Judy Miranda helps fine folk artists from several continents find American markets for their art through Global Art Travels . Listen in as Judy discusses how she started her business and her mission to bridge the world through art HERE. 



Image 6 Kathleen Doherty founder of Creative U Magazine . Kathy shares with us how she went from high school teacher to starting a successful  jewelry and glass teaching studio in Arizona and how, when her husband’s job took them to Ohio, she continued to serve the community through an online magazine. She shares her experience learning to create income through affiliate marking of jewelry and craft making materials and equipment. Listen in HERE. 


Image 7 Kimberly Kitchen jewelry artist and glass painter  discusses how she and her husband Andrew met the needs of other artists and grew a thriving community forum and online shops at  Listen in HERE. 




Image 8 Lisa Reinhardt of Wei of Chocolate  shares her journey from spending 11 yrs studying meditation in the Himalayas to creating a line of Organic , Vegan, Fair trade,  Gluten free  and Soy free chocolate using flower essences to balance mind, body and spirit. Her chocolate is now sold in healing centers and spas internationally.  Listen in HERE 



Image 9  Melissa Morgan left a job in education to open the first  vegan cupcake bakery and school in Brixton, London, UK. MsCupcake talks about the learning curve, challenges and triumphs of making her creative dream happen. She has published one book and is working on the second while traveling the world speaking,  teaching and continuing to grow her cupcake shop.  Listen in HERE



Image 10 Rodney Washington is a fine art and commercial photographer, author and Creative Marketing Mentor  at Get Paid for your Creativity.  In this discussion, Rodney shares tips on how YOU can sell your photography  and make money as a professional photographer at a time when everyone is shooting decent photographs with their iPhones. Listen HERE



Image 18  Ruth Davis Mac Magician, Artist and Heart Coach. In this conversation, Ruth shares her story of picking up a long-term thriving local business and moving from the desert to the beach, to live in her RV and create 2 new business models and a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. Ruth gives us some great Mac tips for artists to organize and streamline our  online lives. This is something creative entrepreneurs sure do need. Listen in HERE.



Image 12  Zan Packard  Author, Artist  Gypsy Spirit and Creative Workshop Facilitator –  at Zan Packard – Loving the Adventure. Listen in as Zan talks about living in a way that honors her creative energy as the  creator of 2 delightful coloring books for adults “The Mindful Journey” and “Vintage Gypsies” that combine meditation, creativity and journaling. Zan also talks about the power of her “INVOKING THE MUSE” workshops. Listen in HERE.

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