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Imagine…Getting Paid to Change the World

  • Are you searching for ways to create more meaning in your work?
  • Is making a difference as important to you as making money?
  • Do you yearn for More Meaningful Self Employment?
  • Feel Driven to Make an Impact and Leave a Positive Footprint?
  • Sedona, ArizonaWant an Inspired Business that Promotes Awareness, Facilitates Change and is aligned with your Personal Values, Passions and Convictions?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you can be part of the…

Monumental Shift Happening in Small Business
that is Changing What it Means to be an Entrepreneur

What if you could combine your passion for travel, art and breaking cultural boundaries to help the local artisans of other countries sell more art, provide for their families and move out of poverty? That’s what Judy did.

What if you indulged your love of wine, theater and animals with your talent for producing events to improve the health and lives of people and dogs in your community? This is Alice’s story.

What if you could use your love of pottery, jazz and orchids to help impoverished inner city kids create a life and a belief in themselves that moves them out of the ghetto by helping them realize they are more than their surroundings? Bill did.

Judy, Alice and Bill are just a few of the many new entrepreneurs who have turned their interest and talents into businesses that change lives.

…And you, too, CAN combine your passions, talents and heart to create a business, create change, make a living and make a difference.

Gone are the days when doing business and making a contribution to society are separate missions.

The New Entrepreneur looks for opportunities in the world that will solve social problems, improve lives AND create a new way to serve the needs of a market segment.

Are you ready join the ranks of 21st Century Entrepreneurs
who are creating businesses that improve the lives of
individuals, families, communities and countries
by using their passions and creativity to solve
local and global problems and create social change?

Is this YOU?

  • You can’t imagine how you as an individual could have a BIG impact and you have no idea how or where to begin…
  • You know you want to make a difference but the idea of doing something on a global scale is intimidating or
  • Your vision is to make a BIG change in your own small community.

You’re in good company. Did you know the most common “ideal livelihood” criteria of career changers and aspiring entrepreneurs is the desire to have a business that MEANS something MORE?

I’m Terri Belford, self employment muse and founder of Inspired Livelihood, the New Entrepreneurial Model that Makes it Possible to have MORE MONEY and  MORE MEANING

I’d like to invite you to Join the Revolution of Socially Conscious Business Owners who recognize that Making Money is no longer the sole reason to Start a Business

If you’ve been searching for more meaningful livelihood but thought the only way to Do Good AND Do Well Financially, was to establish a non profit organization, Join Barbara Winter, best selling author of “Making a Living without a Job” Idea Artisan, Alice Barry of “Entertaining the Idea” and me,Terri Belford, self-employment muse, in the beautiful

Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona

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for the  Inspired Livelihood Workshop
two days that will Rock your Entrepreneurial World

You’ll be in the company of a select group of people who are ready to change the world.

You’ll Learn:

  • How You REALLY Can Make Money and have More Meaning.
  • How private enterprise can be an effective and exciting vehicle for social change.
  • How to Build a Business that Means Something More.
  • How you Can Create a Business that Drives Change in your Own Neighborhood (what Alice Barry calls your “YOU-niverse”) or
  • Support your Dream of International Travel and Experiencing other Cultures While Making a Difference in the World.
  • How to align yourself with other entrepreneurs and advocates to give your mission more power.

We’re limiting this workshop to a small group of Inspired Entrepreneurs who are ready to Manifest their Dreams of Making a Difference in the Community or the World.

Consider what Guy Kawasaki, has to say about Doing Good and Doing Well:

“Entrepreneur is not a job title,
it’s the state of mind of those who want to alter the future.”

This workshop is for you if:

  • you are haunted by a social injustice or lack and you dream of working towards a solution
  • you are dissatisfied with a career that puts food on the table but doesn’t feed your soul
  • you have an existing business to which you want to add a social change component
  • you have a vague idea for a business, have a purpose or cause that you are driven to address but need help building a business that will facilitate change, or
  • you just know you want to do something more meaningful

We’re keeping the group small so that YOUR dream, YOUR vision will get plenty of group and individual attention and you’ll clarify WHAT change is important to you, WHY it matters and HOW you can MAKE IT HAPPEN

If you’ve ever been in a room full of people who want to change the world, you know that the energy is high, the enthusiasm contagious and the ideas don’t just flow, they gush.

What You’ll Take Home:

  • You’ll Leave the Workshop with a Meaning Map: Your Personal Travel Guide for Starting NOW to create an Inspired Livelihood
  • You’ll have an ongoing supportive Accountability Tribe to help you keep up the momentum, exchange ideas and resources to get your new business off the ground and keep it soaring.

As if the topic itself isn’t inspiring enough, the workshop is set among the awe-inspiring Red Rocks of magnificent Sedona, Arizona

You can be part of this life and career changing workshop for  $497. This interactive experience is limited and available on a first come basis.

Meet your Powwow Facilitators:

Barbara, Alice and Terri are passionate about putting the Joy in Joyfully Jobless.

Barbara Winter shares ideas and inspiration with other creative entrepreneurs through her blog Buon Viaggio, her long-running print newsletter “Winning Ways” and “Joyfully Jobless” News ezine. In addition, Barbara conducts seminars and retreats across the country and internationally. Since it first appeared in 1993, her book “Making a Living Without a Job” has been a handbook for thousands of people. An updated edition hit the market in Sept, 2009 and was an instant best seller.

Alice BarryAlice Barry is the Idea Artisan behind Entertaining the Idea. She inspires dreamers to become doers through her consultations and special events. Anyone who has seenAlice in action has seen how powerful creative thinking can be to solve problems, overcome obstacles and build a better business.

Terri BelfordTerri Belford has perfected the art of staying successfully unemployed (joyfully jobless) for over 3 decades. Warning: use caution when expressing enthusiasm for a passion or concern in Terri’s presence or you risk a 3 AM phone call with a list of possibilities for a business you didn’t know you were looking for. Terri’s been known to scribble business plans on cocktail napkins, menus and airline ticket jackets.

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