Shattering the Myth of the Starving Artist 2014

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Do you still believe in the myth of the starving artist?

Well, it’s time we shatter that age-old rumor wide open

In 2013, I  gathered a virtual circle of 14 creative entrepreneurs who are making a living doing things you’ve probably always heard referred to as “hobbies” but these people are putting food on the table and money in the bank doing things like:

  • doodling,
  • baking cupcakes
  • candle making
  • jewelry design
  • creating art
  • teaching creativity workshops
  • making organic chocolate
  • and traveling to foreign lands shopping and reselling folk art.


Warning: this may LOOK like a sales page but I DON’T CHARGE  for these tele-series. They are a GIFT.  


Recently I invited 15 brilliant, high earning creative entrepreneurs to be my guests on the 2014 Inspired Livelihood Inspired Entrepreneur panel to openly share the secrets of how they got started,  what they know now that would have saved them time and money if  they’d known in the beginning,  how they’ve turned their interests into significant income and what advise they’d give new artsy entrepreneurs just starting out.  They hold back no secrets about what it took to grow a successful business, the challenges they’ve faced and obstacles they’ve overcome. You’ll hear top Etsy sellers speak out about what they do to stand out, get noticed and make sales in a crowded market. You’ll learn where to look to get public art commissions and grant money to purchase materials and create your art.


For this series I deliberately chose entrepreneurs who are making a living  doing things like: 

  • facilitating virtual creativity workshops
  • designing coloring books,
  • painting vineyard scapes
  • designing and knitting hats
  • selling patterns
  • designing and printing self-adhering wall decals for home decor
  • painting silk apparel
  • writing and speaking about financial planning in a language artists understand

I’m hoping their experiences will encourage you to continue moving in the direction of your dreams. As always, these audios are chock-full of valuable info and inspiring stories about people just like you who took an idea and created a livelihood doing what they love. You can access the whole series HERE RIGHT NOW or scroll down and see who’s on the 2014 panel. 


Andrea Schroeder   is founder of Creative Dream Incubator. Andrea’s devoted her life to helping brilliant creative geniuses (like yandrearoundou!) live their dreams. Andrea believes the whole concept of “impossible” is bullshit, that ALL dreams ARE possible and that creative people bringing their dreams to life is going to save the world. Andrea shares her transition from the corporate world to her dream loft and supporting a life she loves through sharing spirituality and art.







stashcollage1 Diane Serviss is founder of Pixiebelle, a top-selling Etsy site featuring Diane’s original designs of hand knitted and crocheted hats and scarves. Diane’s also the author of the new pattern book “Knitted Beanies & Slouchy Hats: 31 Original Designs to Suit Your Style & Attitude” Diane shares how she grew her Etsy site that is now a full-time family business.






10590525_10153116039212786_3234420619067410468_n  Kelly of Simple Shapes and her husband Sunho are a husband and wife team, an Architect and a Graphic Designer who design self-adhering vinyl wall decals and other home decor items. Kelly shares how she and Sunho created a successful business that combines art and practical function and allowed them to leave their high-earning corporate jobs.






luna-in-kimono-full-length-jan14  Luna Jaffee  is an artist, financial planner and author of “Wild Money, a creative journey to creative wisdom”, the first gorgeous book about money. Luna made her living as an artist for 12 years and now  Luna shares her wisdom, her story and talks about wealth in a language that artists understand.






photo-2-261x300 Lisa Jacobs  is the founder of the Energy Shop where she sells gemstone jewelry and Feng Shui supplies. and she blogs about building a creative business at Market Your Creativity. Lisa shows artists how to get more website traffic, sales and professional recognition. She turned $100 worth of supplies into a business that earns over six figures. Listen shares how to turn your Etsy Shop into a cash cow.






iusa_75x75.9703583 Mary Lynn of InBlue Leather  is a top Etsy seller and has been featured in British Vogue magazine, Bicycling magazine, MSN, Mountain Xpress, Try Handmade, Southern Lady, Southern Living, and other publications. Mary Lynn shares how she started with a little sewing machine in a small midwestern town and grew In Blue into an ultra successful retail and wholesale business that supports a large studio and a creative staff.




Blue_Medals_226x170 MeliAnna and Alex Anastasiatis of Running on the Wall are top Etsy sellers and creators of original running race bibs & medals displays. They use recycled wood and are conscious about the impact their business has on the environment. MeliAnna shares how they turned a passion for running into a successful business that affords them precious time with family and a lifestyle they love.






melissa-goofy-214x300  Melissa Dinwiddie   is an artist, writer, singer/songwriter who’s known for getting creative people sparked, stoked and creating. She runs Living A Creative Life and the Creative Ignition Club and refers to herself as a Creativity Instigator. Melissa shares her inspiring story of how she’s combined her many talents and put together a successful portfolio career.






            il_170x135.622035900_4rcj  Michelle of Festive Home Decor  is a top Etsy seller who stocks over 400 fabrics and makes gorgeous bedding ensembles and custom monogrammed pillow covers. Michelle shares how she made a rapid transition from a corporate executive to a full time creator of beautiful things. Michelle shares some secrets to her rapid success.





about-1   Rachel is founder and chef at Soapwalla, a line of high quality, holistic face and body products. Rachel shares how she went from concert violinist to attorney to creator of natural products carried by retailers all over the world.







sambennett-juzbontxrsrncalebwrwtogtzblwtpwi-v2  Samantha Bennette  is a poet, writer, working actor, teacher and creative productivity specialist at the Organized Artist Company.   She’s founder of The organized artist company, the author of the popular book of poems, “By The Way, You Look Really Great Today,” and the newly released “Get it Done: From Procrastination to creative genius in 15 minute as a day.” Sam addresses issues like overwhelm and procrastination common to nearly every creative entrepreneur.





10-10-Photo-2-reduced Sandy Dell  spent 14 years as a sales rep in the gift and gourmet industry and in this interview gives tips for working with a rep to get your creations into retail shops.







artist-image-287x300  Sheryl Tuorila is a mosaic artist who hand crafts ceramic tiles with names like Zen Tile, Flowing Ovals and Squaresville in her Minneapolis studio. Sheryl’s work can be seen in such public spaces as Mother Baby Center at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, Hennepin County Medical Center, Roosevelt Library, Metro State University and many private residences. Sheryl talks about the benefits of being part of a huge community in the arts district and shares how she has gotten commissions for public installations and grants to purchase more tools and equipment and travel to create her art.





il_570xN.252962558  Tam  and his partner Lisa are top Etsy sellers and creators of Sugar Robot. They make edible butterflies, leaves, bugs, birds, dragonflies and other cake toppers to pretty up your baked goods. Tam shares their experience of growing a profitable business that now includes employing several family members.





You can access the whole series HERE RIGHT NOW

For even more inspiration, check out 14 more inspired entrepreneurs HERE 

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