How to keep the income flowing during the summer months.

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In some industries, business slows down during the summer. If you want to be a self-sustaining, life-long entrepreneur, you’ll need to find other sources of income during your off-season. (This also applies to those of you whose business is warm-weather oriented if you slow down over the winter months. )

The first thing I suggest you look at is what service you can provide your existing customers. Let’s say you have a snow shoveling business. The obvious opportunity would be to offer lawn care or window washing to the same customers in the summer. Do you knit and sell woolen hats? Can you use a lighter material such as linen or cotton and market it to your existing customer list? Or why not call on some shops in areas that get an early freeze and get them to place their September orders now? What if you sell home made soups to a food truck? Can you come up with a chilled treat like gourmet popsicles or fresh smoothies to sell to the same clients?

I had a client who was a ski instructor in the Rockies and was busier than he ever imagined in the winter. I suggested he offer guided hikes and mountain bike tours in the summer months. It went very well.

For those of you down-under, let’s look at an example of a warm weather business that slows down in the winter. If you grow and sell organic vegetables at a farmers market during the summer, you might come up with an amazing salsa, sauce or preserves recipe that you can package in harvest season and then sell the product in the winter at indoor markets or to gourmet shops. You might even do make-and-take parties where you demo making one item and then you can also offer your other products packaged for purchase. Think about collaborating with someone who has a complimentary product or service. For example, if you make an olive tapenade, you might want to partner with a bread baker or cheese maker since your businesses attract the same customers and your products go together.

I attended a Lavender Festival last July and of course I interrogated growers about what they do in the frozen months. The wise ones distill and create lavender products to sell in the winter.

I’ve already heard from readers who purchased the e-guide “Create Your Own Summer Job” that they got some great ideas for additional income during the summer. I started out writing the guide for parents to help their kids create summer income without a job and quickly realized that most of the 50+ ideas in the guide are also appropriate for adults who want to make a part or full time income year round.

If you’ve figured out a creative way to keep your income flowing over the summer months, I’d love if you’d share with readers in the comments below.

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