Connie Solera inspires artists online and at retreats in Mexico, Sedona and around the world.

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  For more than 20 years , Connie Solera has taught at art museums, art organizations, summer camps, after school programs, intimate gatherings, as well as public, private, and parochial schools.   But in 2010 she left a full time art teacher gig (with benefits, paid vacation, and my summers off) to devote herself  fully to Dirty Footprints Studio and she says it was “the best damn decision I ever made!”

At Dirty Footprints Studio she offers tools, mentoring, and sacred space for artists to dive deep and experience the transformative work of owning their creative gifts, discovering their greatness, and expressing their truth as an artist— all while sharing an honest peek into her own life as a heart guided artist, teacher, and creative entrepreneur.

Connie teaches online from her home studio and in-person at her own art retreats in Sedona, Az , Mexico and other spots around the world. She also facilitates a year-long Ignite program for creative entrepreneurs. 

In our Inspiring Teachers conversation, Connie shares how she grew her business from scratch by pioneering the art journaling, multimedia collaborative and about her journey to a life that is full of color, creativity and intimacy. You can join us and register for the entire Inspiring Teachers Course HERE.  


Lets Connect