Patti Digh, author, speaker, activist and educator

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Patti Digh

Patti Digh is an author, speaker, community builder, educator and activist. Patti has traveled and spoken in over 60 countries during her career, writing, speaking, and teaching about intercultural communications, diversity and inclusion, and mindfulness and intentional living, work, and creativity.
She is the author of eight books, including a Fortune magazine “Best Business Book.” Her third book, Life is a Verb, was one of five finalists for the prestigious “Books for a Better Life” Award, and two subsequent books were finalists for the Southern Independent Booksellers Association “Book of the Year Award.” Her award-winning blog, “37days,” is her home base for writing and connecting with her readership.

In today’s segment of the Inspiring Teachers Course,  Patti shares how her teaching has evolved to be more inclusive and effective. You can get this and the entire course HERE 

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