Lucy Pearce teaches online self-publishing courses.

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  Lucy H. Pearce is a multiple Amazon bestselling author, publisher, vibrant artist, teacher and mother of three young children.  Lucy teaches online self-publishing courses.

In her audio for Inspiring Teachers Lucy talks about:

  • Anxiety and teaching – sharing how anxiety has impacted my teaching career, and how to manage some of the issues that teaching presents for those who are highly sensitive, empaths, those with mental health/ energy issues or Aspergers.
  • Weaving a career – how it is possible to incorporate our own creative needs with earning a living through teaching freelance.
  • The seasons of teaching – how teaching might look at different times in your life.
  • E-courses – the key components for an e-course which caters to all learning styles.
  • Self care for teaching – staying sane and healthy.

You can LISTEN TO Lucy’s audio and get the whole Inspiring Teachers Course HERE 


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