Lille Diane Teaches Online Art Courses and Hunts for Fossils

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Lille Diane

Lille Diane, Colorado native, lifelong artist, musician and human sparkler has been rocking the world with creative careers since the early 70’s. Professional vocalist, recording artist, national conference/retreat speaker, artist and teacher, author, designer, multiple business owner, and tour guide in the majestic Four Corners area for those seeking adventures finding dinosaur fossils and crystals, Lille has pursued her creative dreams like an athlete.

In 2008 a near fatal auto accident pushed Lille into the bowels of PTSD and crippling, chronic illness. She fought back with making art which led her to discover she could heal her wobbly brain and body through art. Today Lille teaches from personal experience with art as medicine and nature as a healing sanctuary for whatever ails one. Life has taught her accidents are not villains. They can be a great teacher if we allow them to be.

Currently, Lille Diane lives in the Durango, CO area where she’s creating art and conquering her fears one day at a time. She teaches online at SkillShare and is in the process of customizing art retreats with guided tours of the sacred lands in her local area for those wanting to recharge and restore at her Woodstock Lily’s Soul Picnic gatherings. Outings include trips to Canyon of the Ancients, Mesa Verde, Canyon Lands, the La Plata mountains or in a private area where guests can find million plus year old artifacts and fossils. In addition to the customized tours at a Soul Picnic event one can find soul enriching art workshops, music around the campfire, quiet time spent in nature’s church, and guest artists sharing their teaching gifts with others and much more.

On our lively Insiring Teachers video chat, Lille shares how she went from teaching in-person plant-care and weight-loss programs to teaching online art courses and developing a new adventure teaching visitors about the natural history of her beautiful southwest locale. You can JOIN OUR CONVERSATION and get the rest of the Inspiring Teachers course HERE 


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