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Cristina Colli

Cristina Coll is an artist, photographer, and teacher in love with creativity, visual storytelling, flowers, simplicity, and slow living. She’s an introvert and HSP, and when she’s not creating, you can usually find her curled up on the sofa reading a good book, or walking in the countryside. She lives in Oxfordshire, UK with her husband and two
cats, and drinks an awful lot of tea.She works with brands and individuals and offers courses online to teach you how to tell the story of your business with effective and beautiful images.
Cristina posts her floral images daily on
Instagram (@c_colli),
and shares her general musings on her blog.
She also writes a monthly newsletter, Creative Notes
and teaches visual storytelling online.

On the Inspiring Teachers course, Cristina tells us how she made the journey from banker to interior designer to artist and teacher and she shares how she has built a community of ideal students through Instagram. You can get Cristina’s interview and the entire course HERE 

Lets Connect