How do you make sure your creative business ideas are accessible when you need to generate income?

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As a creative entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, you probably have a zillion ideas that pop into your head when you’re busy working on something else. Then, when you find yourself needing extra cash for something like an emergency auto or home repair, vacation or anything else that requires more than your current income, you can’t recall the details of those brilliant ideas.
The best way to make sure those great ideas aren’t fleeting is to keep an Idea File. It can be as simple as a file folder with scraps of paper or a more complex digital file. Here are some tips for making sure those ideas are available when you need some inspiration or extra cash:

Always keep a pen and notepad or index cards in your car, your pocket or your purse. If you have that lightbulb moment while driving, pull over when you can and jot it down. Then, get into the habit of taking those notes inside and putting them in ONE specific place when you get to your home or office.

If you do use index cards, you can have a recipe-box file that you keep all those little cards in, filed under specific categories. Or, if you tend to clip articles and images out of newspaper or magazines, an easy alternative to a file folder is one of the old fashion photo albums with the cellophane pages that you peel back and stick down. Just pop in any clippings you’ve gathered at the end of each day.

Because I often get inspiration while driving, I speak into the recording app on my iphone. When I stop, I send it to myself as a message and later file it in my digital “Notes” doc Idea File. If you’re not a Mac User, you can create a simple Word Doc file and do the same.

If many of your ideas are visual, you might want to create different Pinterest boards for each idea category and organize your images that way.

Some people like to use a program like Evernote to keep ideas organized.

The main thing is to keep your ideas in one place that you can access easily without hunting through piles. If nothing else, keep a manilla envelope labeled “Genius” on your desk and gather any stray notes regularly daily or weekly.

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