Featured artist Kaliyah Crowe

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this mystery Kaliya Crowe is a Shamanic Practitioner who expresses through multimedia art with assemblage, collage, altered books, sculpture and murals.

By connecting to the creative energy through inner journey work, selected items are chosen for the piece. These items may include a wide variety of vintage items, manuscripts, found objects, fabrics, handmade papers, found or made textures, as well as various types of paint to apply layers and layers, creating interesting depth to the work.

These items help explore the visual and textured surfaces that invite, at first, a casual glance, then draw in the deeper involvement to the emotional depths held within the piece. Each work renders the appreciation of the juxtaposed characters, hieroglyphics, pictures, words, objects, and textures that invoke the depth of feeling that focus on the inner worlds and their deeper meanings.

Kaliya’s custom commemorative collage pieces make perfect gifts. You can view more of her work HERE 


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