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In late September, I attended and presented at Patti Digh’s “Life is a Verb Camp” at Asilomar Conference Grounds in gorgeous Pacific Grove, Ca. It was a diverse gathering of artists, writers, entrepreneurs, teachers, home-schooling or un-schooling parents and other openminded, openhearted folks. We came from all different cultures and economies. What we all had in common was a love and appreciation for Patti and her work in the world and a commitment to the themes of “courage, community, compassion and creativity. “ Part of the beauty of Camp was that everyone, not just those invited to be presenters, was given an opportunity to share their skills at a talent show, an open mic Verb Tribe reading and to display and sell their creations in a Marketplace.

It was fine if you participated in all or if you were strictly an appreciator.

The first Camp gathering was in 2013 on Lake Lanier in northern Georgia. Last fall, Camp was near Patti’s home in Hendersonville, NC. Coincidently, all three Camp locals held special memories for me. My childhood summers were spent at a camp just one mile from Camp 2014. In my twenties, I skied on Lake Lanier and this years Camp was a block from Spanish Bay where my husband and I spent many anniversaries.
My sense of those places changed after each Life is a Verb Camp because the person I am now is so much more open, awake and present than I was before Camp. `After each Camp, I tried to explain the experience to my family and friends but I’ve not been able to find the words. People want to know what happens at Camp, and for me and those I’ve connected with, it’s more about the internal shifts than the actual agenda.

Here’s what happens at Camp:

deep conversations with people who were strangers before Camp
beach dancing
art making
tutu wearing
more deep conversations
more silliness
more laughter
more tears

but here’s the thing about Camp:
if you’re not one to wear a tutu or dance or make music, if art making isn’t your thing, it’s all OK. because you’re totally accepted for who you are not what you are.

If I had to find a single thing that describes Camp, it’s how someone who knows no one can walk into a group of people who’ve been friends for years and feel belonging.


That’s Camp. I’ll be there next fall in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mts of North Carolina. Want to join me?

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