When having thousands of subscribers all over the world just isn’t enough.

Let's Connect

I love know that when I send out a newsletter, I’m connecting with readers all over the world and that my blog articles and information products  help people in a different hemisphere.

My friend, mentor and co-facilitator, Barbara Winter in “Making a Living Without a Job”, says that because of the internet “our customers and clients will be people who share our values, not our zip code”.

Many of our businesses are no longer limited by geography. Those of us with significant worldwide subscriber lists benefit from the connection with people on other continents who we may never meet face-to-face. Friends around the world purchase our tele-classes, e-guides and courses. Some travel long distances to attend our in-person seminars, workshops and masterminds. We get to see their family photos on Facebook, celebrate their accomplishments and express our condolences when they experience loss.

Some we do meet in person and continue the friendship via Skype chats.

Sometimes that isn’t enough.

I’m a big proponent of supporting local businesses rather than big-box whenever we have the choice but local matters in other ways that I’m just now understanding more clearly.

When Barbara and I decided to launch our new program “Marketing Magic for Makers”, we knew we wanted it to be an in-person event. We thought most of the attendees would be local but we didn’t take into account that marketing to our world-wide readership wasn’t the best way to reach an audience in, say, Davis , California.

As soon as the first announcements went out about “Marketing Magic for Makers”, several readers stepped up and said they’d like to host us in their cities and we realized that made a lot more sense. It’s how Barbara’s Joyfully Jobless Weekends were so successful. She asked for partners to host and some readers she hadn’t even met raised their hands.

We recognize that the best way to hold a local event is to have an ambassador on the ground in that locale so we’ll be taking Marketing Magic for Makers to cities where you, our readers are asking for it.

If you would like to partner with us and host this workshop  in your town, please email me at “terri at isnpiredlivelihood” and let’s talk about how it will work.


Lets Connect