Can you really make money 24 hours a day and still get 8 hours of sleep?

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Do sleezy internet marketing and get-rich-quick schemes have you wondering if anyone really makes money in their  sleep? Can you run a business from a place of integrity, sell quality products or services, stay in lne with your own deeply held values and still make more money?

When you started out on the self-employment journey, the ultimate dream was to be able to fill your calendar with paying clients or have orders for as many products as you could make, right?

Something happens, though, when you hit that level of success and you realize that even though your clients or customers love what you do and are happy to pay you for it, you can only produce so many products by hand or provide so many hours of service. Does that mean you either raise your prices or you’re stuck at an earnings plateau?

You know you could make a lot more money and serve more people if only you could clone yourself. Well, that hasn’t quite been perfected yet but you know what? If you use some creative problem solving, you really can make more money and still get plenty of sleep.

Whether your business is a product or service, you can expand your reach call it scaling yourself) and then the sky’s the limit on how much you can earn. This isn’t a new concept but newer entrepreneurs aren’t used to thinking this way.

I did this years ago with a home furnishings business. We wanted to make more money than we had hours in a day so we hired and trained crews and replicated our business model in 16 different cities. We paid our staff on a percentage of sales so we made money even when we weren’t working. We’d basically cloned ourselves and created generous livelihoods for over one hundred families. They made more money than ever could have at an hourly or salaried job so we were helping them not just putting money in our own pockets.

That was pre-internet and long before virtual assistants. Today, it’s so much easier to expand your business without employees or leasing offices and shops. The real magic is that you can now make an impact around the world without leaving home.
What if you’re already a change-maker in your own community but your dream is bigger than that? You might feel discouraged because you know you can’t change the world on your own.

Here’s the key.


Some call it “scale”. I know those sound like corporate-speak but the basic principle can be applied in a kind, conscious, small business way.

How does this work if you’re offering a service? My client Clara had a day job and did resumes on the side. When her daughter was born, she cut down to part time and her goal was to make the resume business her full-time gig. She got paid well per resume but before she could quit her day job altogether, she wanted to put away a rainy-day fund. Clara had more demand than she had time so I recommended that she find other stay-at-home moms with good language skills and train them to write targeted resumes. She then referred clients to them and she would get a percentage as a referral fee. Before long, Clara was able to stay home with her daughter, earn more than she had at her day job and work less hours. A bonus was that she provided work for other stay-at-home moms in several English speaking countries.

Again, this isn’t a new concept-there have been nanny services and cleaning services for decades. It’s just so much easier now because technology has enabled us to have people working for us all over the globe.

When I attended massage school years ago, I met a young woman who had become certified in equine massage and had built up a great following in the horse community. Then she developed an allergy to hay. She was obviously sad because she valued the equine work and had developed some techniques that were in demand. I suggested she train and certify others in her signature method and get a referral fee. She was able to expand the business, continue to do good work and make more money by getting a percentage of the revenue her trainees earned.
I’ve seen this work in a big way in the handmade craft and maker community. You can’t knit in your sleep but you can wake up to a lot more money in your Paypal account by leveraging your creativity. If you make  candles, soap, jewelry, cake-pops or anything else by hand, you can only produce so much. So how do you maintain the integrity of handmade and make more money when everything is made one-at-a-time? You scale. How?

If you’re feeling stuck about how you can  take what you do and create more income without having to put in more hours, let’s schedule a “Leverage Your Genius”  phone session to help you create leverage so that you can do more than trade hours for dollars.


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