Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? Here’s how to find out and a simple fix.

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We’ve all heard the news that in April, Google made some SEO changes that were specific to how mobile-responsive our sites are.  If you’re a non-techie person, you may not even know what theat means. I didn’t. It means how user-friendly your site is on a smartphone or tablet.  You probably didn’t pay much attention to it. I didn’t until last week when I suddenly saw my page views drop drastically.

I read a bit on the changes, tried to figure out what it all means and my brain hurt so I called my friend Gillian Lancaster who actually loves all that code-y business. Gill made it all sound so simple that I asked if I could make an audio of her explaining it and she agreed that sounded like a good idea. You can listen in on our conversation HERE and if you just want to have Gillian do it for you, Go HERE

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