Easy Ways to Make an Extra $1200 a Month Making Stuff

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Are you an artist, crafts person, maker or baker?
Think you can’t make money with your art? Not so:
New Tele-class:  “12 Easy  Ways to turn your Creative Hobby into an Extra $1200 a Month”. (and if you do all 12 things, your creative hobby could be a $14,000 a month biz. )
If you put just one of these easy tips into action, you can bring in an extra $1200. a month. If you do ALL these things, that’s 14,400 a  month or 172,800 a year. I don’t believe in “get-rich-quick” so I’m not saying it’s not hard work. If you implement all these ideas, you’ll have to quit your job because you won’t have time for it but guess what? You won’t need it so who cares?
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