3 Reasons for Entrepreneurs to Celebrate Labor Day

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Labor Day  is a time to recognize the social and economic achievements of American workers. It’s meant as a national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.. I appreciate the workers around the world every time I prepare a meal with the produce that someone worked in extreme heat to get to my table, every time I drive on a freshly paved freeway, knowing someone’s manual labor with stinky, toxic material made it possible. I appreciate the people who work in shops and offices and factories at every business I have any dealings with and I am eternally grateful for the healthcare workers who have improved and saved lives and those who have so gently and kindly been there to guide those at the end of life. I also appreciate all their bosses because I’ve been one and I know that training, hiring and maintaining valuable employees is a lot of work. I’ve been fortunate that my employees liked me and many are still my dear friends.


I celebrate Labor Day because I value workers everywhere

and I know that I am so happy to be neither an employee OR a boss.

As an entrepreneur, YOU should be celebrating Labor Day too. Here’s why:

  • -You have a great boss. Your boss understands when you’ve worked really hard on a project or hustled to meet a deadline and rewards you with a spa day. She knows that sometimes you just need to take a midday hike or that you’re not a morning person so she lets you make your own hours. Your boss is so understanding that you never have to miss a field trip with your child and she’s flexible enough to let you take your work with you on your laptop if you want to take time off to travel.
  • -Your work is a labor of love. Maybe you can’t even relate to the word labor anymore. Sometimes you can’t believe you’re really getting paid for having so much fun.) If your work isn’t fun, we need to talk.
  • -You don’t have to concern yourself with payroll taxes and worker’s compensation insurance because you can use virtual assistants and independent contractors and you know they get to choose their own hours and you know their boss treats them well.

-One more great reason you should pay attention to Labor Day: Sept. 1st, is the last day  to join Grow Tribe with Barbara Winter and me. We’ll be gathering by the sea in Ventura Ca to help you grow your business and create an ongoing mastermind of entrepreneurs who mean business about growing their business.

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