“Who ya gonna call?”

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We all know the benefits of having a circle of friends to bounce around ideas, share resources and brainstorm solutions to challenges but I’d forgotten some of the other rewards of being part of a tribe.



In my own circle, one friend’s beloved dog was diagnosed with cancer and required an amputation. Not only did friends send messages of support but literally took up a fund for her pup’s surgery and treatment. Another is going through a tough medical diagnosis and by reaching out to her tribe, she has a circle of love and healing energy coming to her from around the world. Many have lost loved ones and receive prayers and condolences from their tribe.


There’s also the cheering squad doing celebratory cartwheels for one writer who got her work accepted by a popular publication and another whose new program launch went off like a blast of fireworks.


Some told me about reaching out to their tribe when they had personal issues that they wanted to discuss with someone a little more distant than their family or local circle of friends. Others mentioned how their tribe spread the word about a new website or product.


The value of a tribe showed up in my own life and work this week in several ways.


On Saturday, I spoke with a friend I met at a workshop in Las Vegas several years ago. I told her how I’ve been dragging my feet to finish an important project. She asked me all the right questions about what obstacles I was facing and what it would take to complete it. By the end of the call, we’d talked through the challenges and set up some accountability. I’m now back on track to wrap it up on schedule.


I hadn’t done any creative writing all week so yesterday, knowing my Wednesday night writing circle was counting on me to bring a piece to read, I blocked out a couple of hours of private personal time to get it done. Accountability at work.


When, Barbara Winter and I announced that we’d be presenting a tele-class  called “8 Ways to Find Your Tribe.”  163 people  signed up within 24 hrs. . How’s that for the power of a tribe? If you are ready to grow your business with the support of a small group of entrepreneurial friends, find out how you can join GROW TRIBE. This is your last chance to spend face to face time with the two of us focusing on your business. (Oh, and by the way, we’ll be meeting at a historic hotel overlooking the Pacific. )

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