How finding “your people” can help you identify your ideal livelihood.

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We often think of finding our tribe through common interests and work but sometimes finding your tribe can help you identify your ideal livelihood.


Sir Ken Robinson, author of “The Element,”  says that finding your tribe is essential in helping you find your element, that when a group of people with common interests come together, a synergy is created which allows them to create something much greater than any of them could have created individually.


Let’s say, for example, you’re the advertising director for a large commercial real estate agency.  You bring in a nice six figure income and you love writing ad copy. You’re really great at what you do but you’re unhappy and unfulfilled at your job. You find commercial property a boring topic to promote and you don’t enjoy spending time with your coworkers because you feel like you have nothing in common.


Look at the people you do enjoy hanging out with. What traits do they have in common? Maybe they’re mostly artists, musicians, writers and performers. If you notice you are attracted to  creatives and feel energized in their company but actually creating and performing in the arts is not your gift, how can you use your strength in advertising and be around the people your feel most in sync with? Maybe copywriting IS your right livelihood. You’re just doing it in a setting that doesn’t inspire you. Your ideal livelihood might be something like marketing for the arts. You could use your gifts to help others benefit from their gifts. You’d be IN your element AND be around “your people.


What if you’ve identified your gifts, your element but haven’t found your people, those who understand what you’re doing and support you on the journey? You may have people who love you and have your best interests in mind but their idea of  trying to protect you is to encourage you to stay in that safe, boring position. Where can you find the people who don’t fear your growth, the ones who encourage you to stretch and take educated risks to fulfill your dreams?



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