Where do you find your entrepreneurial tribe to help you grow your business?

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Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business awhile, you probably realize you can’t go it alone. As author Barbara Sher says, “Isolation is the great dream killer.”  Even if your ideal business vision is spending your days alone in your home office, your likelihood for success is greatly increased if you have a tribe of other entrepreneurs to bounce ideas around with, help you problem solve, share resources and celebrate triumphs. But how do you find those people?


If you attend networking meetings or join a philanthropic business leader club, you’ve probably noticed that there’s not a lot of exposing vulnerability. The goal of those meetings is often to promote your business so the friends you make in that type of setting aren’t likely the friends you share challenges with. So who can you go to when you feel discouraged, scared or just don’t know how to do something? Do you have a group of supportive entrepreneurial friends who can share resources and boost you up when you feel like giving up? Or who can honestly tell you when it’s time you adjusted your game plan a bit?


The best way I know to stay motivated and continue to move your business forward is to join a mastermind group but where do you find the right group for you and your business?


A great way to find your tribe, those whose values you share and will benefit from masterminding with is to connect with people who attend workshops facilitated by  the same mentors you follow.  For example, if you enjoy small, interactive workshops, it’s not in your best interest to mastermind with people who like to attend glitzy speaker seminars with thousands of attendees. I learned this when I went to one of those seminars to learn about internet marketing and formed a mastermind with friends I met there. They were lovely, smart women who I like and respect but have very different goals from mine. They wanted to be like that speaker. I have no interest in glamour and spotlight. I’d have done better masterminding with entrepreneurs who admired the same mentors as I did.

Several years ago, I was searching around online for someone whose philosophies,  values and ideas about entrepreneurship were similar to my own. I don’t think I was looking for a mentor as much as a tribe. On a fluke, (there are no coincidences, right?) I found Barbara Winter. She was going to be speaking in Lexington, Ky the next day and I happened to be flying out of a Northern Ky airport the following night. It is through Barbara’s network that I met many of my current “tribe” of entrepreneurial friends who believe small is still smart and value connection over fame.

Consider whose blogs you enjoy reading, in whose company you would like to spend a weekend. Then look at who else communicates with those mentors. Find out if those mentors offer a mastermind group and if not, see what type of events they facilitate. You’re more likely to  get to know other entrepreneurs at small group events than at a large seminar where the speaker stands at the front of the room. Most likely the people you meet at your mentors’ events will be like-minded people who you’ll benefit from masterminding with.


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