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You have an idea or many ideas for a service or product. Maybe you’ve even started a business but you can’t seem to get the word out and cash flowing in. You wonder why other people seem to be making money with a product or service that is definitely not any better than yours. What makes them successful while you feel like you’re spinning your wheels?

If you’re thinking it’s marketing, that’s only a piece of it.

So what’s the big difference? E-blasts and press releases and social media are all viable ways of getting your product or service seen but what makes people open their wallets or click on your “Buy Now” button? One word: “relationships”. People who know you and like you tell others about you. Friends with influence letting their friends and followers know how great you and your business are.

How do you get people to start sharing your thing?

You’re probably guessing you just need a lot of Facebook friends or Twitter followers but the secret is NOT in those numbers. It’s meeting those people face-to-face, in the skin and spending time with them.

Meeting your mentors or entrepreneurs you look up to and getting to know them on a personal level is the best way to get them to talk up your business and share it with their followers.

I am much more likely to share and promote someone’s business if I’ve worked with them personally than if I simply read their blog and “know” them through social media. When I’ve had lunch with them at a seminar or helped them develop their business at one of my workshops, I’m excited to recommend their business and share it with my friends because I know the human side of the person behind the website, blog or Facebook page.

People I’ve met and worked with at live events are the ones who come to mind when someone asks me “who can I go to for this?”. Fledgling entrepreneurs I’ve coached through the process of making their dream into a profitable business are the ones I tend to recommend to others because I know they know their stuff and will serve well. I know they’ll provide value and I want to spread the word and help them succeed.

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