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The past few days, two exciting invitations landed in my inbox. Well, actually, they were notifications of pre-sales for events, not personal requests for my presence.  One was a reunion of one of my all-time favorite bands. The other, a chance to hear two of my (S)heroes speak. I was tempted to purchase tickets for both but decided not to attend either. Here’s why:


One of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Gilbert will be appearing with Oprah on her “Live the Life you Want” tour.  I wonder, can you really figure out how to live the life you want by spending a weekend in a stadium with thousands of other people?


The second temptation was the announcement that Christine McVie would be joining Fleetwood Mac on tour. Another huge coliseum.


My decision to pass on both events had nothing to do with the cost of tickets or that I was a little annoyed by the “John is dead” hoax of the past few days.


I’m forgoing both events based on past experience. Here’s why:


When I decided to take my consulting business online in 2007, I attended a large seminar presented by a well-known speaker on internet marketing for coaches. After three days and thousands of dollars, I walked away feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied. I met some nice entrepreneurs but with hundreds of attendees, we didn’t form the kind of bond that happens when you are in a smaller, more intimate workshop.


I received a “blueprint” for formulaic internet marketing but I wanted to know how to apply it to MY ideas and MY business in a style that fit ME.


Attendees were invited to become part of a more focused follow-up mastermind which met 3 times a year in a group of about 30 and cost $20,000. Now you tell me, how much time do you think was spent focused on individual businesses in a group of 30?


I don’t expect an opportunity to sit in a small group with Elizabeth Gilbert and brainstorm about writing and I’m not looking for Mick Fleetwood, John and Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks to do a living room concert but I do know I would walk away from those mega venues feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied.


Large events can be inspiring. Circque du Soleil performances are inspiring but if I wanted to know more about how to become a trapeze artist, inspiration wouldn’t cut it. I’d need individual, focused coaching and a supportive network of other performance artists.


The same is true for entrepreneurs. If you want to grow a business, inspiration is vital but there is no one-way-fits-all formula so attention to individual ideas is a must. As we grow our businesses, we need friends who lift us back up when we’re in a slump because they believe in our dreams and understand why we’re doing this thing our friends and family think is crazy. Entrepreneurs need a circle of friends who celebrate even our small victories.


Oprah and Liz can inspire me but if I want someone to guide me to live the life I want, I’m not going to seek it in a stadium and if I want to grow my business, I’m not going to find the support I need in an auditorium.


Have you felt driven to change your life or grow your business but you’re still stuck back where you were a couple of years ago? Do you have plenty of ideas but haven’t made the progress you hoped because you felt overwhelmed or lost focus?


You know why? I’ll be frank with you. You don’t need any more inspiration or certification before you can make it happen. What you need is focus and accountability. You need the kind of support that you can only get in a small group of fellow entrepreneurs. You need a tribe.


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