Are you sending the message “I am not a good investment.”?

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In a blog post titled ‘The Natural Habitat of Winners’ my friend and mentor Barbara Winter said, “When you are willing to spend your time and money to expose yourself to new ideas, new techniques for doing things, and new people who can add their enthusiasm to your dreams, you’re also sending a strong message to your subconscious mind about your own worth.”

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been receiving emails from readers saying they’d love to attend the Mile-High Mastermind but don’t know if they should spend the money right now.

When I had my last retail business, my friends with neighboring shops used to complain about slow business and asked why I was doing so well. I cited fresh, timely merchandise and well-trained, well-paid staff as reasons I had more customers and better sales. Of course, these merchants would complain that they didn’t have enough money to purchase merchandise, hire employees or attend trade shows to keep up on trends because business was slow.    This thinking made no sense to me as I watched many of them go out of business. When things are slow, that’s when it’s most important to spend time, money and extra effort to make them better.

“In times of change,” said Eric Hoffer, “learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

While those who use lack of funds as a reason to not invest in themselves are still stuck in unsatisfying careers, even in what the media calls a weak economy,  weekend workshops with price tags of $3000. are full with hundreds of attendees.  (Mile-high Mastermind, by the way, is only $579.) I’ve met entrepreneurs at those high-priced seminars who  said they “couldn’t afford the tuition but couldn’t afford NOT to attend.” It’s no coincidence that the following year, those same entrepreneurs who knew they were worth the investment were back with stories of prosperity and satisfaction.

Not investing this way also sends a strong message. As author Sondra Ray says,  “When you say, ‘I don’t have enough money to go to that self-improvement seminar or buy that book, it’s almost like saying, ‘I am not a good investment.’ The best way to make money is to invest in yourself.

Are you worth it?

Barbara knows, “If you truly want to join the winner’s circle, take advantage of every  resource you can find. You never know what might happen if you do. You could be sitting in a roomful of strangers and suddenly meet yourself.”

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