Is isolation or lack of supportive entrepreneurial friends holding you back from growing your dream business?

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A sign on I-40 West of Asheville,  North Carolina reads “Certified Entrepreneurial Community”.  My first thought is, “shouldn’t all communities be entrepreneurial?”  Of course I researched and learned that his certification means the overall business climate, policies, regulations, and opportunities to learn and grow are simple to find and available. It also means there’s a positive, enthusiastic attitude that permeates the culture and is entrepreneur=friendly.

When I’ve owned  brick and mortar businesses in the past,  I’ve been involved in developing  entrepreneur-friendly environments but now that my business is mainly virtual,  I recognize just how vital it is that solo entrepreneurs have a “community” of entrepreneurial friends.

Online forums, chatrooms and social media sites are good places to connect with fellow entrepreneurs but I hear from many fledgling self-employed folks who feel isolated trying to launch or grow their solo businesses without the support of entrepreneurs they’ve met in person. Many of us offer group virtual self-study courses and organize  virtual mastermind groups but it’s not the same as face-to-face time with a small group of kindred spirits who commit to continue to support one another as they grow their livelihoods.

The past few years, I’ve had the honor of witnessing the power of  mastermind groupa who originally met in person and continue monthly phone calls and frequent emails to hold each other accountable and  support one another in meeting their goals of self-employment.

Barbara Winter ,  best-selling author “Making a Living Without a Job”,  and I have for the last three years invited a select group of aspiring and fledgling entrepreneurs to join us in an intimate setting to address the roadblocks that have been holding them back from finally launching or expanding their dream business. We’ve followed up with monthly group sharing and accountability calls. In the time between those calls, lots of emails have flown back and forth amongst the groups asking for and receiving advice and feedback, helping one another get un-stuck, sharing resources and of course, reporting triumph and celebrating successes.

Barbara and I are so inspired by the forward momentum and victories of the attendees of our past Masterminds  that we’ve scheduled a new Mastermind Magic workshop for  April in a magnificent setting. Whether you know what you love but not how to make it profitable or you already have a business and want to make it MORE fun, more meaningful or more profitable, this is for YOU.  Learn more about how you can be part of our entrepreneurial community and see what previous attendees have to say  HERE.

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