Why small is still best for many entrepreneurs

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My friend, mentor and workshop co-facilitator Barbara Winter talks about how small is still great for many of us when it comes to business. I experienced this first hand years ago when my partner and I butted heads over this issue: he wanted to grow our business more quickly. I knew that if we wanted it to be sustainable, we needed to strengthen our existing organization. With eight stores, we made a fantastic income and had a fulfilling lifestyle. He argued for rapid expansion. Exhausted from trying to reign things in, I backed down. Simply put, we doubled in size and volume but made half as much money and had twice the stress. Obvious lesson: BIG is NOT always best.

The same goes for seminars. There is a trend the last few years for big name authors, speakers and coaches to hold huge events with hundreds or even thousands of attendees. For some entrepreneurs, this works just fine. If you’re an extrovert, those huge seminars are a good way to network and get re-energized. If you tend to be more introverted, you’re likely to feel overwhelmed in that setting and feel drained afterwards.

The decision to participate in a large seminar vs small workshop can also depend on where you are in your business. If you’re already established, profitable and clear that you’re on the right track but just want to grow your connections and expand your presence, the larger venues might be a good tool for meeting the right people to grow your business.

But, for those of you who need more guidance and support to launch or grow a business and more fulfilling life, those mega-seminars just don’t cut it. If your business is not yet making the income you desire or enabling the lifestyle you envision, you need more personal attention and ongoing support and accountability.

That’s why Barbara Winter and I limit our Mastermind Magic to 8 participants. Rather than sitting in an auditorium listening to us TELL you the “secrets to success”, we spend 2 1/2 days face-to-face  in an intimate setting LISTENING to your individual dreams and helping  you overcome the obstacles that have held you back. There is no formula, no lecture and no agenda other than to focus on YOUR personal goals and and map out a customized plan to make that vision a real, income producing business. Here’s an opportunity to work face-to-face with us  if you register by March 1, you save $100. Find out more HERE

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