How are you using numbers to plan your year and achieve your goals?

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I woke up this morning and realized that in exactly 60 days, I will be 60 years old. Of course, my first thought was “what 60 things should I put on my list of 60 before 60” and I realized that was way too much pressure. So, while brushing my teeth, I came up with a plan. I will use one new word a day for the next 60 days and by my 60th birthday, my vocabulary will be 60 words broader.


Inspired by Barbara Winter’s post “One way to accomplish more”,  I have been consciously using numbers more in my business and life intentions.  Here are five more ways I’ll use numbers to get more done:


-There are always so many projects popping into my head that I feel like I’ll never do everything I want to do even if I live actively another 40 yrs . In order to balance out my time and get more of these dreams accomplished,  I’ve given a number to each of them. I will complete 4 big projects this year. To do that, I must limit the one-to-one time I spend with clients so I have a maximum number of clients I’ll accept for 2014.


-Because so many aspiring entrepreneurs keep putting off launching their dream business until they have a large chunk of time, I decided to put a number on the minimum daily time someone must commit to put towards their goal as a requirement for taking them on as a client. (I came up with 15.)How are you using numbers to achieve your goals?  That’s a whole lot more than you’ve done up to this point if you’re waiting for that big block of time. And, I let you in on a little  secret. It’s the starting that’s difficult. Once you get rolling, you won’t want to stop so you’re likely to put in a lot more than 15 minutes a day.


-While I believe Julia Cameron has a plethora of wisdom about creating, I’ve never been able to keep up the practice of “morning pages”. I don’t stick with it because I see 3 pages every morning as a big time requirement. I was fortunate enough to meet poet Maya Stein recently and participate in a 90 minute workshop with her. She had us use index cards. Such a simple concept but for me, it was a lightbulb moment. I thought, “hey, I can commit to filling 3 index cards a day”. So far, it’s worked. Instead of waiting until Wed. afternoon to take a couple of hours and do my writing for my writing circle, I take a few minutes in the morning to write 3 index cards. Sometimes  just filling 3, 3X5 index cards will give me ideas for future writing and other times, I get deeply involved in my writing and write much more. Even if I only get that 15 minutes a day, that’s still nearly two hours of writing a week that wouldn’t have happened if I waited for a two hour chunk of free time.


-One of my clients is anxious to quit her day job and do her own business full time but she is the primary provider in the family so she can’t leave until her creative business earns as much as she is bringing home from her job.  Here’s how she’s making it happen: We took the figure she makes as an employee and broke it down to how many handmade (items) she’d have to sell to have the same monthly income. When she realized what that meant a week, it was a realistic goal and I believe she will achieve it very soon.


–Rather than wait until my “Beyond Etsy” Craft Biz Course is ready for release at the end of January, I decided to do a pre-sale for $27. (The price when it is ready will be $97. ) I told myself I would sell 25 by Christmas Day, the 25th. (I have surpassed that  already.) I then decided that I would sell $47 between Christmas and New Years at the price of $47.  I know having that in my mind will make more than that happen.


How are you using numbers to achieve your goals? As always, you are invited to share in the comments below.

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