Why consciously seeking your calling might keep you from succeeding at anything

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Marilyn is a renaissance woman or what Barbara Sher terms a scanner. A multi-talented creative with as many certificates and degrees as she has interests, in the four years I’ve known her, she’s “almost” started twice that number of businesses. Just as something is beginning to take shape, she panics and asks, “What if this isn’t my life purpose? What if I put all my time and energy into this and then discover it’s not my true calling?”



Unlike “bright shiny object syndrome” this isn’t about being sidetracked by each new opportunity. It’s actually based in unreasonable fear that “if I do this and then realize there’s something bigger calling me, I’ll have wasted all that time doing the wrong thing.”


No life purpose or calling is going to disappear just because you’ve put your all into something else. In fact, you’ll never “waste time” working towards something you’re passionate about.


You might not want to hear this but maybe you aren’t meant to do one thing for the rest of your life. Maybe the project or career you are pursuing now is what will guide you to a path that will call even louder. Changing course doesn’t mean you’re a dilettante. It means you’re growing and you can’t grow if you live in fear of doing the “wrong” thing and do nothing.


What if the purpose that’s calling you now isn’t meant to be your life’s work? What if  your callings are numerous? Maybe you are meant to do several possibly even unrelated good works? Even Mother Teresa followed several callings.


Consider this: most people find their greatest work when they stumble on an obstacle while pursuing something else. I promise you that if you put your whole heart and self into whatever is calling you now, you will not miss out on your life purpose. What you’re feeling drawn to at this moment is likely to lead you to discover your next meaningful work.

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