Think you’re not creative? Look at problems as inspiration for starting a business.

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When I tell people I guide aspiring entrepreneurs along the path of starting and growing a creative business, I’ll occasionally hear, “I want to start my own business but I can’t draw a straight line or sing on key. I’m just not that creative.”

I ask them if they’ve ever helped a friend or coworker solve a problem. Of course they have and I’ll bet you have too. If you believe that creativity is reserved for artists, think of all the times you’ve been a creative problem solver.

Steve Jobs described the simplest form of creativity as just connecting experiences we’ve had and synthesizing new things. Would you consider Federal Express a creative company? I imagine they took a concept,privatizing delivery of packages, that UPS had been doing for years, and saw what was lacking (speed) as an opportunity. That’s creative problem solving.

If you want to start what I call a “creative business”, you don’t have to be a musician, actor, writer or any other kind of  artist. Start by observing some of the problems, roadblocks, inconveniences and obstacles in every day life or in your area of interest (career, hobby, household, etc) and brainstorm solutions. That’s where you’ll discover your creative business opportunities.

For more ideas on where to find business ideas, see  “Your worst life experience may be the key to what gifts you can bring to the world.”

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