Applying strengths developed in your job to create your own thriving business.

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Yesterday I took my mom for her brain MRI and then to the neurosurgeon at the University Medical Center for a follow-up. After he gave us the good news, no changes, the surgeon asked how my business is doing and told me this story:

A man he knows was let go from a position at a large corporation where he’d been responsible for training and supervising a staff of three hundred.  After two years of unsuccessful job search, this man became frustrated and decided to try something of his own. He’d gone through a lot of his savings so he needed the business to be no or low start-up cost.  Since he’d always loved tinkering around the house and fixing things, he put a sign on his van and began a handyman business. He quickly had more work than he could do alone so purchased a second vehicle and trained a guy to work under him. Eventually, he grew his handyman business to 30 trucks and 30 handy men and has replaced his six figure corporate income.


The key here was that he didn’t start his own business doing what he’d always done but took the strengths he’d developed in his corporate position (training and supervising a team) and applied these skills to something completely different that he enjoyed.


What parts of your past career have been fun and easy for you? Which tasks in your job feel like second nature? How can you take these strengths and apply them to create a business that’s personally fulfilling? As always, you’re invited to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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