Is doing what you love a “viable option”? Let’s find out.

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This holiday weekend, I was very well fed at the home of my friends Pat and Chad.. The first morning, I was greeted with the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and a savory omelette and fresh fruit. I joked that I’d hit them on a good weekend since she was making a big holiday breakfast. As he cleared the table, Chad told me “This is how we eat every day: 3 healthful, well-balanced meals with ingredients picked fresh from the garden. I”m spoiled.”

Not long after the breakfast dishes were done, Pat went out to the garden and brought in more fresh herbs and commenced to prepare the next meal. In fact, she spent most of the weekend either tending the garden, snipping herbs, peeling chopping and sauteing vegetables. She appeared to be enjoying every minute of it. I asked if she’d always loved to grow and prepare nutritious food and if she’d ever considered making a career around this passion. She said, “I’ve always loved it but growing up in the 50s and 60s in Minnesota, it just never seemed like a viable option. I was supposed to choose a stable career so I went to law school.” I knew Pat had not ever worked as an attorney, that she’d lost interest by the time she earned her law degree.

Since I’ve known her, she’s held retail and clerical positions, cleaned houses and been a companion to the elderly. She’d never particularly enjoyed any of them but she took these jobs to contribute to the family income. Now, in her mid sixties, she’s finally able to spend her days doing what she loves: planning and planting, gardening and cooking, but she’s convinced she’s too old to make a career of it.

Watching the joy and satisfaction she appeared to find in these activities, I felt sad to think she spent a lifetime doing work she found unfulfilling because doing what she really loved was not considered a “viable option” as a means of income.

Are there activities that light your fire but you can’t see them as income opportunities? What things have you always enjoyed doing that were never seen as “viable options”?

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