Are you getting business advise from a coach who has never started a business?

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There appears to be a growing trend in online business that disturbs me and it should concern you too.

In the past couple of years, all these “how to make six and seven figures by working harder, not smarter” courses have cropped up. It goes like this:.  A recent corporate refugee, let’s call her Suzie,  attends a large seminar where another recent corporate escapee tells her story of hating her job and being broke until she took these specific steps to create her dream business and ideal life and she can teach you to do the same to create your six or seven figure business. She sells a membership or coaching program or series of live calls, CDs and transcripts teaching you how to do what she did. Suzie and sixty other recent corporate refugees purchase the program and put some of the steps into practice. A hand-full of those seminar attendees do have an area of expertise and may go on to use the techniques from the seminar to leverage and make more money. But the majority of them will create joint ventures with others they met at the first seminar to interview each other in a free tele-class during which they sell a program based on what they learned at the seminar and within a short time, they are teaching others how to create a six figure business by teaching others to create a six figure business by teaching others to create a six figure business. But have any of those people ever really started a business other than selling the idea of creating a six figure business?

Now, I’m NOT calling this a pyramid scheme but it does have the feel of those letters people used to send out that said, “Send me $19.95 and I will send you my secret program that will teach you how I made almost $200,000 with less than a twenty dollar investment.” The program actually told people to send out letters asking people to send them $19.95 to learn how to make $200,000 with a $20. investment. If they sold 10,000 of these people, they would make $200,000 with a $20. investment.

Here’s the difference: Suzie and her pals from the seminar are NOT trying to screw anyone. They truly want to help others do what they did and make more money with this formula. They aren’t shysters. Most were successful in their previous corporate careers. But they were employees. The only experience they’ve had in self-employment is selling this formula. Yes, many put their own personality or brand into it but they are primarily all doing the same thing. No one is doing anything innovative so how can they possibly be creative and solve your business problems if they are simply following a formula?

It feels very much like a franchise and while there is nothing dishonest about most franchises, I wouldn’t go to someone who purchased and successfully ran a Subway for advise on how to start a business unless I wanted to open a sandwich shop.  If I wanted business coaching, I would not seek the help of someone who took a course in how to be a business coach but has never started their own business other than business coaching.  If I wanted to start a new business but needed help figuring out how to go about making my idea into a viable money making venture, I would seek advise from someone who has created businesses.

Barbara Winter and I have each started several successful businesses. We both love guiding aspiring entrepreneurs on the journey from idea to inspired self-employment. Neither of us use formulas and we don’t teach you to do what we do. We listen to your dreams and help you figure out how to make them into your own unique enterprise. If you’re ready for personalized, innovative problem solving, there’s still time to join us in April for an intimate 2 1/2-day mastermind where we’ll focus on your business your way. Find out more HERE.

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