Are you sitting on an idea that you haven’t nurtured because something else always takes priority?

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Did you ever notice how when you have an idea and you tell a supportive friend about it,  the options double but if you share the same thought with 2 friends the possibilities multiply and the product is more than the sum of it’s parts?

Well, imagine yourself in a roomful of creative thinkers who all hold the intention of propelling their own dreams into reality and are also excited about your ideas and have suggestions and solutions for you as well.

You can read books, take home study courses, hire a coach, participate in tele-classes and webinars but there is nothing as powerful as being in a room full of supportive people who share a common goal and the desire to make it happen.

Are you sitting on an idea that you haven’t nurtured because something else always takes priority? Do you find your enthusiasm for it waxes and wanes, the idea keeps coming back but you just don’t know where to begin to make it happen?
Georffrey James in a recent article titled “14 Easy Ways to Get Insanely Motivated” says, “Seek out the similarly motivated. Their positive energy will rub off on you and you can imitate their success strategies.”

Most people need supporters to birth a new project and advisors to bring it to fruition. As small business owners, we don’t have a board of directors. The advantage is that we get to captain our own ship. The downside is that we have no sounding board and often feel discouraged if we don’t surround ourselves with a tribe of inspired entrepreneurs to brainstorm and problem solve with.

If you’re tired of putting your dream on the back burner and you are ready to move forward , what better time than the New Year to commit to making it happen.

What if you could sit down with two lifelong entrepreneurs and focus on your idea, address the challenges and obstacles that have held you back,  brainstorm solutions and design concrete steps to make it real? What if in addition to two self-employment muses and problem solvers, you also had a small group of enthusiastic supporters who were committed to nurturing their ideas while also helping you grow yours?

Well, that’s exactly what Barbara Winter and I will be doing in
April in Nashville and if you register right away you’ll save with the early bird special and qualify for a private phone consult to get crystal clear on your idea. If you want to be part of this select group, find out more HERE

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