7 Ways to Wholesale your Craft to Galleries, Sell Directly to Customers and Keep Everyone Happy

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Yesterday, while writing a guest article for Handmadeartists Blog, I realized there are some important pieces of the pricing puzzle that you all need to be reminded of.

We’ve talked about the process of getting your handmade crafts into galleries and shops, but I want to remind you again that you absolutely should not bite the hand that feeds you. (i.e. compete with your wholesale accounts.)  Here are some ways to keep both your wholesale and retail customers happy:

  1. If you include your web address on your tags, be sure they are removable for the gallery. It would be unfair to them to have shoppers see the work at their gallery and then purchase it online directly from you.
  2. When you retail your work at craft shows, be sure to charge as much as your shops and galleries sell it for.
  3. If you sell directly to customers online, price your work just a tad above keystone so that your shops know you aren’t competing with them.
  4. Ideally, have separate websites for retail and wholesale or at least a wholesale link that is password protected and only those you’ve approved as resellers can access your wholesale prices.
  5. On your public website, have a “where to find my work” link that lists the stores that carry your craft. In addition to encouraging customers to support your wholesale accounts, you will also reach those who want to touch, feel and see in person. It also shows the shop owners that you are driving traffic to their store.
  6. If you are able, offer to do periodic trunk shows at the shops or galleries. Customers love to meet the artist and the shop owner benefits because you bring in more traffic.
  7. Show your wholesale accounts gratitude for their business. Always best, of course, is a hand written note of appreciation.

What have you done to make the transition to wholesaling easier?

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