How to keep your dreams alive

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When  I saw a post by one of my favorite authors, Paulo Coelho, about letting our dreams die, it just made me so sad. I can’t stop thinking of those forgotten dreams and wondering what it is that makes some of us bring them to fruition and others bury them?

We all know dream-bashers and nay-sayers who recite all the reasons we shouldn’t follow our dreams.  Do some of us have the ability to tune them out and give birth to our great ideas? I think so.

Do you find yourself getting excited about an idea only to let your enthusiasm dwindle when you share it with someone who deflates it? If so, I suggestexperimenting with not sharing with those who don’t support your dreams. They probably just don’t understand. We can’t let those close to us extinguish the fire of our passion.

If you don’t have people in your life who support and nurture your dreams, find a tribe of people who share your enthusiasm and encourage you to follow your own path. One of the best ways to connect with those who will help you move forward is to attend a seminar or workshop where you will meet friends who are also on a path to making their dreams happen.

I am convinced that when we let our dreams die, a part of us dies with them.  If you need help keeping yours alive and bringing them to fruition, join Barbara Winter and me in Nashville for the Obstacle-Busters Mastermind. We’ll help you take those dreams off the back burner,  rekindle the flame of enthusiasm and work around whatever is holding you back from making them a reality THIS YEAR. More info HERE

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