What if you could give yourself a gift this year that meant no more stressful holidays?

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Are you stressed about money? This time of year,  I keep hearing friends say  their biggest stress between November and December isn’t getting it all done but paying for all they want to do.  Do you charge gifts in December then face a big credit card bill in January. Do you resent having to go to a job you hate to pay off those bills?

My solution may seem counterintuitive to you but it will forever change that pattern of stressful December followed by exhaustion in January.

I’m suggesting you buy YOURSELF a gift. Yes, even if it means putting more money on your credit card because it’s the most important gift you will give.

What if you could give yourself a gift this year that meant:

  • No more dreaded office parties.
  • No more last minute rushing around because your time is your own.
  • No more stress over how to pay off those bills in January because when you need more cash, you create another profit center and give yourself a raise.

No, I haven’t lost my marbles. There really is a gift you can give yourself that will ensure 2013 will be the first year you face the holidays on your own terms.
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