Nov. 20, 2012 Inspired Livelihood News

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If you’re in the US,  you may be cutting your work-week short and heading out of town to spend Thanksgiving with friends or family.  I’ve been so busy guiding fledgling entrepreneurs in launching and growing their creative businesses that it’s been awhile since I sent out a newsletter, so here’s a quick update on all the exciting things happening here at Inspired Livelihood:



In December, I’ll be holding a tele-class for “Makers” : “9 Easy Ways to Bring in an Extra $1000. a month”.  More info and dates coming next week.


We’re wrapping up a year-long Mastermind adventure that began last January in Las Vegas. Barbara Winter, best-selling author of “Making a Living without a Job”  and I invited a select group of six entrepreneurs to hole up in a hotel suite with us to address all the challenges and barriers that were keeping them from living their ideal livelihoods. Since then, they’ve “met” monthly on the phone to support and hold each other accountable for making their dreams happen. Go HERE to read about their experience.


Witnessing the power of this format, Barbara and I will again be facilitating an Obstacle-Buster Mastermind January 25th through 27th. This is NOT a seminar. Unlike any workshop you’ve ever experienced, we’ll focus on YOUR individual goals and dreams. You’ll have the benefit of direct feedback from Barbara and me as well as your new tribe of fellow entrepreneurs.  If you’re ready to make 2013 your best year ever, find out how you can be part of this powerful, life-changing  experience HERE. 

Every successful teacher, consultant  or coach I know invests in their own life-long learning and surrounds themselves with other entrepreneurs. You all know I’m a huge proponent of masterminds and accountability groups. When I decided to spend time in Ohio,  I didn’t know any entrepreneurs here. While Skype and Social Media make it easy to keep in touch with entrepreneurial friends and clients all over the world, I still miss face-to-face time with someone I can bounce ideas around with. I’m not much for attending large networking events. They’re a great tool to let people know about your business but it’s just not my thing. I prefer a more intimate connection with other small business owners.


A few weeks ago, a friend and client in Arizona mentioned that the studio where she has been taking jewelry-making workshops is up for sale because the owner’s husband took a position in Ohio. Curious as I am about any creative business, I checked out the website. It looked like such a fun, cool business that I contacted the owner, Kathy Doherty,  to let her know I would be happy to tell my readers about her business.  When we realized we are both temporarily planted just north of Cincinnati and have a lot in common (art, entrepreneurship, values, canine-love), we decided to meet weekly to discuss ideas, goals and possible collaboration. Knowing that I am going to meet with my accountability buddy, I’m less likely to procrastinate about my to-do’s and more likely to accomplish my goals. It’s fun to have a local friend who “gets it” when I am excited about a new business idea.  I look forward to our meetings because I like Kathy and honestly, it’s always a delight to see what remarkable piece of handcrafted jewelry or hand-knitted masterpiece she is wearing. She’s a walking wearable art gallery and it’s all her own work.

If you know anyone in the greater Phoenix area who’s looking to buy a fun, successful turn-key business, check out  CreativeUAz . If you want to know more, email Kathy at <>


My mission this holiday season is to connect artists with more buyers, busy people who are not likely to spend hours shopping on Etsy or Artfire. If you sell handmade, just having a website or presence on a handmade marketplace is not enough exposure. You’re one in a gazillion out there and you need to be part of a smaller, more targeted collection so that those with expendable income can find you. If you want more exposure to the right buyer and more sales, you might want to be part of this upcoming contest. For more info, email me a photo and description of what you make and your retail price and I’ll send you the details.



Do you make something for Pets or their People? On my agenda for 2013 is to do more

change-making and part of that will involve rallying my crafter friends to help build their businesses while also raising funds for animal rescues and other causes close to my heart. If you make handcrafted pieces for pets or their people, shoot me an email HERE  with a photo and description of what you make and your retail price. I’ll let you know the details and if it’s appropriate to include in the inspiredbyhand  collection.


Speaking of handmade, I hope that you will accept my challenge to support artists, crafters, bakers and makers by giving handmade rather than join in the Big Box Black Friday Fiasco. I hope you’ll make every day Small Business Saturday.   


I’ll be spending Thanksgiving Day with family and friends, grateful for this rich life and praying for peace. I’ll be thinking of those whose lives are wrought with danger and heartache. I’ll be thinking of you, my clients, readers and friends who’ve made it possible for me to work from anywhere and  enjoy this holiday with my family.


With gratitude and love,



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