Turning hobbies into Million Dollar Business? These entrepreneurs have.

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If you still think your craft or hobby can’t bring in a full-time income, check out these entrepreneurs who made their “kitchen table” hobbies into million dollar businesses.

Megan Duckett who in her free time began sewing at her kitchen table, making bedding, drapes and costumes. When she began positioning herself as a specialist in designing props and entertainment décor to set herself apart from other seamstresses, she landed her first big project: designing 25 silk chandeliers for The Mirage in Las Vegas. Last year, Megan’s company, Sew What? brought in $6.2 million revenue.

Kim Lavine,  author of “Mommy Millionaire” started sewing microwavable pillows as gifts for her kids’ teachers. When her husband lost his job, she started selling her “Wuvit” pillows from her truck and then set up mall kiosks. In two years,  her pillows were selling in national chains, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond,  generating more than $1 million in sales. She then branched out into a pajama and decor line and now runs a media company.

Green thumb?  Childhood friends Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow started getting together for craft nights, making greetings cards, bookmarks, etc. On a whim, they ended up making was a terrarium.  They loved it, began playing around with themes for other terrariums and in  2010 they started selling their creations. Initially working from their apartments, and then a 300-square-foot converted garage, they are now operating from a store/studio in Brooklyn, where they offer workshops and sell their products and bring in additional revenue from corporate events. In 2011 they began selling online and currently have 19 products They started Twigterrariums with a small personal investment, opening no lines of credit, and are debt-free. Profits quadrupled in the first year of business.

Craig Jenkins-Sutton is another entrepreneur who turned a love of gardening into a million dollar business. He started out working for a landscape company but knew he didn’t want to work for someone else so in 2003, he put a small ad in the Chicago Tribune, offering his garden design services. Within a week, he received 40 calls but only one turned into a customer. It was enough to get the business going. He wasn’t sure how to market his services because  “The tough part in landscaping is that it’s something a lot of people think they can do themselves,” He says you have to be able to demonstrate what value you bring. After some trial and error marketing, in 2010, he started putting door hanger ads at people’s homes and realized he was onto something.  As a result, his business, Topiarius, doubled in 2010, and revenue rose last year by 80 percent to $1.2 million.

This is just a sampling of the many entrepreneurs that turned their hobby into a thriving business and YOU CAN TOO!

What do you love to do that you’re great at but it’s just a hobby? Do you give it all away to family and friends? Would you love to be able to turn your passion and pastime into a high revenue generating business? I have a few December spots left for private guidance. Find out how you can work with me to turn your hobby into cash HERE. 


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